• Thursday, November 24, 2005

    the good.. the bad...the ugly..

    what up wankers......

    I reached one of my goals... I RAN 5 KILOMETRES TODAY... WOOOOOHOOOOO! its ecstatic yo.. i feel fabulous!!! i've been dying to reach 5 k's for almost 2 months now.. and i finally achieved it today.. managed to complete it in 31 minutes.. not bad i reckon.. preety satisfied with myself.. Nessa runs 5 k's in like 20 minutes... wonder whats her secret eh...?

    the second part of the goal is to equal Nessa's time.. no no.. not trying to compete with her or anything.. its just motivation..
    its surreal for me..cause just a couple of months back i couldn't even run 100 meters without feeling like shit.. and today i reached 5 k's without a problem.. felt good.. could have pushed atlease 1 k more.. but i was happy with 5.. wow..! it feels muthafriggin awesome when you achieve something you've been targeting.. havent felt this way in a while..

    Mel's (the ex) birthday is in a couple of days.. i guess i'll just wish her.. what else would you expect me to do..? time does fly by fast.. her last birthday we spent together is still fresh in my mind.. i got her a white gold necklace with a white gold + diamond pendant.. real diamond yo!...even had to borrow some money from The-G for it.. but well nothing matters now..
    Thought that my parents would have at lease suspected that Mel and I weren't together anymore...cause she doesnt call and stuff.. and they dont see me hangin' on the phone no more.. but apparently they still THINK we're together.. my dad keeps asking me if im going down for her birthday.. he still remembers her birthday.. my mom's asking if she's coming down anytime soon.. damn! how to tell them.. especially my mom.. she'll overreact and all.. you know mothers right..

    my face is full of pimples and god knows what else... i've been wanting to go for a facial but every time something seems to come up.... i very badly need a facial.. seriously.. im not vain... but i very rarely get pimples and now its like popping up very frequently.. blemishes.. dark spots.. all that la...
    The-G said i look like a "bollywood villain" with my shaved head... lol!.. shut up you wanker!

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