• Tuesday, November 29, 2005

    catch me if you can... yo

    hey now..now...now..
    it wasn't a fluke.. it wasn't a one time thingy.. i ran 5 kilometres again today.. feels great.. i dont know yo.. last saturday i was all set and ready to achieve 5 k's but the best i could do was 4 k's... even then i had to push myself helluva hard..i felt like shit.. like today yea.. when i had no intention at all of doing 5 k's.. heck! i only intended to do 1 k..but i achieve it with easy.. my legs were felling good.. my breathing was good.. my body was feelin good.. no worries.. i was in peace.. this time around though i was 2 minutes slower than my previous time.. nonetheless its good though.. its gonna take me sometime to cut down 'bout 10 minutes from the total time... but yeah gotta train harder..!

    now though.. my knees hurt.. the inner part of the knees hurt..but only when i touch 'em.. i dont really have strong knees.. maybe it was because i sprinted for the last 400 meters or so.. maybe i didnt stretch enough after running.. hopefully some tiger balm or nurofen will help.. wait.. tiger balm will be a better bet innit?.. it'll make 'em burn..burn..burn..

    damnit.. i forgot what else i wanted to blog about...

    i just cant stop thinking 'bout how good a foot massage would be right now..

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    Blogger Obelisk Dee said...

    I have always wanted to run like u but too bad i get stomach ache whenever I run. any tips for me to be fit like you?

    2:40 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    lol.. fit like me?.. im not that fit yo.. im in the process of gettin fit.. *if that makes sense* i was soo "karat".. i couldnt even run 100m without feelin like shit a couple of months back..

    best to join a gym.. get a trainer.. they're real help!

    is it stomach aches for real.. or cramps by the side of the tummy area? if its cramps it happens.. i tend to get it sometimes.. but i just push on..

    2:43 AM  

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