• Wednesday, November 23, 2005

    burn....baby burn....

    hey wankers....

    not bald.. but almost there.. its called number 1.. as in the shaver setting.. think Pharrell or Shamsher Sidhu..
    wwoooo hhhhoooo... its soo muthafriggin airy i tell you.. tends to get a lil chilly now and then.. cause of the cold weather and all.. but yeah..its awesome.. no more maintainence... no more gel.. no more moose.. no more shampoo.. been wanting to get it done for soo long..should have done it earlier.. anyhows.. im glad more like surprised la.. the shaved head looks preety good on me.. a few peepz have commented that it looks good on me as well.. *perasan* :)

    anyhows.. got May's (the beetle) brakes fixed today.. so friggin ironic yo.. i was like a 100 meters from the workshop and i nearly..oh so nearly.. rammed the back of the car infront of me.. the stupid driver was driving sooo muthafriggin slow and suddenly emergency braked... i was like woooooohhh! son of a bitch!! i cant brake in an instant..luckly i managed to pull to the side and avoid any damage.. its all good now though.. the brakes are awesome now.. seriously.. was testing it out earlier.. the brakes are really convincing.. so now i can get back to driving like an insane clown.. got the suspension adjusted a lil.. less bumps and knocks now as well.. so can hit the bumps/uneven roads harder now.. no lah.. i shouldnt do that to May innit.. but yah.. now i think she's good enough for a long distance drive.. havta test her out one of this days.. gotta get a hold of IS.. maybe we should drive her down to Hat Yai.. The-G called me from Montana today.. good to hear from that joker after soo long.. miss that bugger.. wish he was here.. we'd definitely be goin on more spontanious adventures now..

    on the way back from the gym earlier.. i stopped by the night market (pasar malam) near my place.. its on every wednesdays.. unless there's a soccer match going on.. i dont fancy going to the night market.. cause the place is super full of people.. its soo cramped and crowded.. people were like strolling..taking their own time.. hogging the way.. was pissing me off.. i just like to just get in there.. get my stuff and buzz off.. no matter where i am.. i was like "pukimak lalulah!" (cunt move it!).. anyhows i just went there to get something light for dinner..

    when im there i always.. always..always.. buy a few of this barbequed pork buns.. its RM1.00 each.. it used to cost like 60 or 70 cents before.. but anyhows still a must get.. i love it cause the meat is sweet and freshly barbequed over a coal fire.. and the buns are steaming hot.. best eaten while hot..

    I'll normally get Popiah as well less then RM1.50 per roll.. Spring rolls if you rather.. unlike the fried spring rolls..these are the wet type.. its very light and simple.. the popiah is filled with taufoo (bean curd), eggs, fried onions, beansprouts, turnip, and a sweet redish paste... i dont know what its made off though.. chilli paste is optional.. i prefer mine without chilli paste..thank you.. but unfortunately i didnt manage to find the guy who sells popiah today.. i went like 2 round thinking i missed him.. but i couldnt find him..

    so i bought some Tau Foo Fah instead.. RM1.00 per serving.. its chinese.. i dont know how to translate.. but basically its very light bean curd..served warm with a sweet ginger syrup.. the bean curd is actually tasteless.. but it goes well with the ginger syrup which is sweet with a not too heavy ginger taste.. this one though didnt taste that good.. it wasnt sweet enough and i felt the ginger was rather mild.. i havent had tau foo fah in years but from childhood memories i remember it being very much sweeter and gingery..

    This girl is closing down her blog... why? dont know if its temporary or permenantly.. hopefully temporary yah... one less blog to entertain me... besides who's gonna call us wankers and bitches anymore.. ?

    ooohhh... just remembered.. havta mail The-G some pics of my skin head...

    so cheerio wankers...

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