• Tuesday, November 29, 2005

    catch me if you can... yo

    hey now..now...now..
    it wasn't a fluke.. it wasn't a one time thingy.. i ran 5 kilometres again today.. feels great.. i dont know yo.. last saturday i was all set and ready to achieve 5 k's but the best i could do was 4 k's... even then i had to push myself helluva hard..i felt like shit.. like today yea.. when i had no intention at all of doing 5 k's.. heck! i only intended to do 1 k..but i achieve it with easy.. my legs were felling good.. my breathing was good.. my body was feelin good.. no worries.. i was in peace.. this time around though i was 2 minutes slower than my previous time.. nonetheless its good though.. its gonna take me sometime to cut down 'bout 10 minutes from the total time... but yeah gotta train harder..!

    now though.. my knees hurt.. the inner part of the knees hurt..but only when i touch 'em.. i dont really have strong knees.. maybe it was because i sprinted for the last 400 meters or so.. maybe i didnt stretch enough after running.. hopefully some tiger balm or nurofen will help.. wait.. tiger balm will be a better bet innit?.. it'll make 'em burn..burn..burn..

    damnit.. i forgot what else i wanted to blog about...

    i just cant stop thinking 'bout how good a foot massage would be right now..

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    Saturday, November 26, 2005

    this is the worst post ever..

    d-d-d-d-daaammit... im a lil tipsy..ok la maybe slightly more than a lil.. whatever it is..im tipsy.. o_O

    was out with Is and Suet.. we actually wanted to watch The Fog.. i dont know what the hell that movie is about.. but yeah thought it'd be interesting.. unfortunately the only seats available were the first row.. ya! fucking lame.. zathura seems crappy.. goddamn ipoh... everythings lame.. why cant the cinemas be like the ones at KLCC or Sunway..you get what i mean right.. if you dont...bleeeaahhh!

    since we couldnt watch the movie..we went for drinks.. oohhh i love talking.. i love Heineken as well.. Heineken you rule..! :p talk talk talk.. drink drink drink...bitch bitch bitch...drink drink drink.. yay..we get tipsy..

    didnt plan to drink..it just happened.. i wanted to run another 5 K's tomorrow.. hopefully ill be able to achieve it... if not Heineken is to blame..!

    good night though none the less.. on the way home.. this buffon in a volvo 850 was trying to race me.. muthafucka.. pls dont ever do that.. what happened you ask? well he couldnt keep up with May (my beetle).. stupid looser..!
    really looking forward to The Penang Island Jazz Festival, next weekend.. Gotta get my shit together and plan the weekend....

    aight.. my eyes are heavy.. i dont know what the shit im doing.. i feel blissful.. its time to head to lala land.. fuck la my boxers are loose..

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    Thursday, November 24, 2005

    the good.. the bad...the ugly..

    what up wankers......

    I reached one of my goals... I RAN 5 KILOMETRES TODAY... WOOOOOHOOOOO! its ecstatic yo.. i feel fabulous!!! i've been dying to reach 5 k's for almost 2 months now.. and i finally achieved it today.. managed to complete it in 31 minutes.. not bad i reckon.. preety satisfied with myself.. Nessa runs 5 k's in like 20 minutes... wonder whats her secret eh...?

    the second part of the goal is to equal Nessa's time.. no no.. not trying to compete with her or anything.. its just motivation..
    its surreal for me..cause just a couple of months back i couldn't even run 100 meters without feeling like shit.. and today i reached 5 k's without a problem.. felt good.. could have pushed atlease 1 k more.. but i was happy with 5.. wow..! it feels muthafriggin awesome when you achieve something you've been targeting.. havent felt this way in a while..

    Mel's (the ex) birthday is in a couple of days.. i guess i'll just wish her.. what else would you expect me to do..? time does fly by fast.. her last birthday we spent together is still fresh in my mind.. i got her a white gold necklace with a white gold + diamond pendant.. real diamond yo!...even had to borrow some money from The-G for it.. but well nothing matters now..
    Thought that my parents would have at lease suspected that Mel and I weren't together anymore...cause she doesnt call and stuff.. and they dont see me hangin' on the phone no more.. but apparently they still THINK we're together.. my dad keeps asking me if im going down for her birthday.. he still remembers her birthday.. my mom's asking if she's coming down anytime soon.. damn! how to tell them.. especially my mom.. she'll overreact and all.. you know mothers right..

    my face is full of pimples and god knows what else... i've been wanting to go for a facial but every time something seems to come up.... i very badly need a facial.. seriously.. im not vain... but i very rarely get pimples and now its like popping up very frequently.. blemishes.. dark spots.. all that la...
    The-G said i look like a "bollywood villain" with my shaved head... lol!.. shut up you wanker!

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    Wednesday, November 23, 2005

    burn....baby burn....

    hey wankers....

    not bald.. but almost there.. its called number 1.. as in the shaver setting.. think Pharrell or Shamsher Sidhu..
    wwoooo hhhhoooo... its soo muthafriggin airy i tell you.. tends to get a lil chilly now and then.. cause of the cold weather and all.. but yeah..its awesome.. no more maintainence... no more gel.. no more moose.. no more shampoo.. been wanting to get it done for soo long..should have done it earlier.. anyhows.. im glad more like surprised la.. the shaved head looks preety good on me.. a few peepz have commented that it looks good on me as well.. *perasan* :)

    anyhows.. got May's (the beetle) brakes fixed today.. so friggin ironic yo.. i was like a 100 meters from the workshop and i nearly..oh so nearly.. rammed the back of the car infront of me.. the stupid driver was driving sooo muthafriggin slow and suddenly emergency braked... i was like woooooohhh! son of a bitch!! i cant brake in an instant..luckly i managed to pull to the side and avoid any damage.. its all good now though.. the brakes are awesome now.. seriously.. was testing it out earlier.. the brakes are really convincing.. so now i can get back to driving like an insane clown.. got the suspension adjusted a lil.. less bumps and knocks now as well.. so can hit the bumps/uneven roads harder now.. no lah.. i shouldnt do that to May innit.. but yah.. now i think she's good enough for a long distance drive.. havta test her out one of this days.. gotta get a hold of IS.. maybe we should drive her down to Hat Yai.. The-G called me from Montana today.. good to hear from that joker after soo long.. miss that bugger.. wish he was here.. we'd definitely be goin on more spontanious adventures now..

    on the way back from the gym earlier.. i stopped by the night market (pasar malam) near my place.. its on every wednesdays.. unless there's a soccer match going on.. i dont fancy going to the night market.. cause the place is super full of people.. its soo cramped and crowded.. people were like strolling..taking their own time.. hogging the way.. was pissing me off.. i just like to just get in there.. get my stuff and buzz off.. no matter where i am.. i was like "pukimak lalulah!" (cunt move it!).. anyhows i just went there to get something light for dinner..

    when im there i always.. always..always.. buy a few of this barbequed pork buns.. its RM1.00 each.. it used to cost like 60 or 70 cents before.. but anyhows still a must get.. i love it cause the meat is sweet and freshly barbequed over a coal fire.. and the buns are steaming hot.. best eaten while hot..

    I'll normally get Popiah as well less then RM1.50 per roll.. Spring rolls if you rather.. unlike the fried spring rolls..these are the wet type.. its very light and simple.. the popiah is filled with taufoo (bean curd), eggs, fried onions, beansprouts, turnip, and a sweet redish paste... i dont know what its made off though.. chilli paste is optional.. i prefer mine without chilli paste..thank you.. but unfortunately i didnt manage to find the guy who sells popiah today.. i went like 2 round thinking i missed him.. but i couldnt find him..

    so i bought some Tau Foo Fah instead.. RM1.00 per serving.. its chinese.. i dont know how to translate.. but basically its very light bean curd..served warm with a sweet ginger syrup.. the bean curd is actually tasteless.. but it goes well with the ginger syrup which is sweet with a not too heavy ginger taste.. this one though didnt taste that good.. it wasnt sweet enough and i felt the ginger was rather mild.. i havent had tau foo fah in years but from childhood memories i remember it being very much sweeter and gingery..

    This girl is closing down her blog... why? dont know if its temporary or permenantly.. hopefully temporary yah... one less blog to entertain me... besides who's gonna call us wankers and bitches anymore.. ?

    ooohhh... just remembered.. havta mail The-G some pics of my skin head...

    so cheerio wankers...

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    Monday, November 21, 2005

    hot choc beetles and jazz

    meet up with Is at the coffee bean earlier.. (Is = buddy, college mate, beetle fanatic, fellow ex manager at CBTL..) of all days that stupid bitch of a manager was on duty.. i totally dislike her.. i cant find proper words.. using the word hate seems too subtle.. you get the idea, dontcha? but anyhows i thought what the fuck.. im a customer now.. as much as i hate her and want nothing to do with her.. ill just be myself and face her.. the bitch totally looked stunned...seeing Is and me.. well maybe more towards me.. but still i was surprised.. cause i was acting as if nothing..even said "hi" to her.. and she was like just brain dead stunned.. felt like slapping her..like dumb bitch i could say "hi" and you cant even smile or acknowledge my gesture.. stupid mofo.. caught her by surprise i suppose that i was being cool like nothing happened before..
    I asked "whats new?" and she just kept quiet like a dumb prick.. pissed me off man.. i always end up taking the hot choc... i never know why...
    eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!! it still pisses me off everytime i see her.. dumb bitch.. right 'nough of that.. if you're wondering why Is and i left CBTL..? its because of this..

    I always miss CBTL though.. barista'ng..the joker staffs... hai.. life is full of memories.. kinda sad innit? i still remember my last christmas at CBTL.. the same cakes and pastries are back on sale now.. time has gone by super fast..its so unbeliveble.. but unlike starbucks.. CBTL havent introduced their christmas drinks.. i'll bet it'll have something to do with chocolate and peppermint.. and the ever popular winter dream tea..

    its always good to hangout with Is..we have lots in common.. talk talk talk talk talk... sooo many things we wanna do to our cars.. im just waiting for the day when i can get the car painted BLACK.... Is managed to find someone who will do it dirt cheap.. really within budget.. but then there's soo many decisions/options.. use the money to paint the car?... buy a digicam?... planning a holiday to Hatyai (wont cost much..but still)... plan to go to Brisbane and/or Chennai next year... soo which one is more worthwile..... at the moment atlease im like driving with a death ticket in hand.. just waiting to pass it to the gate keeper of the afterlife (if theres one)..
    you see.. the beetle's brakes have gone kaput.. there's virtually no pressure in the brakes.. the car doesnt stop in an instant..i cant drive like a insane clown anymore.. ive been driving really slowly lately.. last night i was heading towards a corner super fast and there were no brakes..even the bloody handbrake didnt do a thing.. was lucky though there werent any cars around..! so this week havta send the car to the garage to get it fixed.. i dont wanna imagine the possibilities cause i dont wear seatbelts in the beetle.. besides i kinda have a phobia when the car fails to stop in time and gets too close to the car infront.. cause thats what happened with my last car.. driving fast..wet road.. wrong lane.. brakes locked!....boooommm! smack into the rear of another car.. luckly i was wearing seatbelts then..

    Suggested to Is that we should drive down to penang for the Penang Island Jazz Festival on the 3rd/4th of December.. we dig jazz and the festival's promises to be good..besides tickets are only RM35 per night inclusive of 6 performances..pretty good value i reckon cause the programme comprises international acts as well as the Penang Jazz Ensemble featuring some of penang's well known Eurasian jazz singers..but you gotta bring your own chairs..mats..butt rests..whatever you fancy to sit on... soo any of y'all interested in attending the Jazz Festival?

    been a lil sceptical bout going down to Penang... cause of Mel (the ex).. i dont know how to face her.. she wants to be "friends" after 5 years and everything else.. but i was firm in saying no to "friends".. its not fair on my behalf.. i cant accept being "friends".... she decided to let me go.. so she cant have things two ways innit?.. thats what i feel anyway.. im not mad (anymore) its just that its over.. gotta let it go.. no point hangin on to it.. living a lie as friends or whatever.. i cant keep avoiding Penang.. cause i like Penang... its a cool place.. its just that i wouldnt know how to react if/when i see her.. she ended it over the phone.. we havent met since.. so its really weird/awkward for me.. but i guess whatever la.. i'd like to attend to Jazz Festival.. if i bump into her let it be... see what the spontanious reaction would be.... do i miss her? do i miss the good times we had? i suppose.... can i accept being friends?... can i act like everythings cool between us?... do i wish for a second chance?... not at all...

    just discovered that my brother mixes his dirty socks with his dirty clothes in the washing machine....! what is wrong with that bugger?

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    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    just got up from sleep a nap... feelin friggin weird today... im running a fever... courtesy of the malaysian weather..
    i think its a combination of a few things/situations that lead to this..
    1) washing my car at 12 in the afternoon.. albeit under a shade but still sweated like hell..
    2) driving my car with the aircond on right after that to buy some wiper blades..
    3) getting wet in the heavy evening rain
    4) not getting an evening nap

    my body was already crappin up.. was feelin friggin chilly in the evening.. thought it was just because of the rain and yeah a workout would warm me up.. so i headed to the gym.. looking forward to circuit class..

    but class wasnt starting yet so i decided to start with some cardio.. cycle.. or run.. cycle..or run.. cycle..or run.. i picked run.. but damn it.. even before the 1K mark i could feel my body really heating up.. not the normal warm feelin but it was starting to burn.. my head was starting to feel light.. had to give up and after some thinking decided to head home.. didnt wanna risk passing out or something.. the drive home was like a high.. my eyes were feeling heavy.. i gulped down a can of redbull and went to sleep.. i dont even know why i took redbull.. emmmmmm! the first hour i was just soo restless.. tossing and turning kept gettin up every now and then.. second hour was a bit of a blur except that i remember feelin really warm and i thought someone came into my room.. hallucinations perhaps? *weirdo* next thing i know its 10 pm..

    the warm bath just did some good though.. i just need some paracetamol.. alot of water and a good nights sleep.. some dormicum would be great now.. but unfortunately i dont have any.. :(

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    Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    circuit exorcism...

    I was forced to attend circuit class last week... so reluctant i was.. i was firing excuses like bullets but Nessa wouldnt accept my bullshit..she just grabbed all my stuff and walked away.. "im not returning your stuff if you dont come!" so i had to follow behind *reluctantly* like a lil baby.. on the way i looked at Jeff "sangkut la brother" i told him..and he just gave me this sinister grin.. seriously i didnt know what to expect cause barbell class was torture and i heard circuit class was a real bitch.. but how wrong i was.. circuit class wasnt even half as bad as i tought it'd be! shit you not.. circuit class is kick ass la.. nothin close to barbell torture.. circuit class is fun..everyone looked like they were clowning around and one hour went by soo fast.. so yeah.. circuit class has won me over.. whoever said circuit class is a bitch.. where got la?

    The following day, went with Nessa to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose ..after some planning and re-scheduling we managed to catch the 11am show..

    The movie's about a young girl who dies under the care of her parish priest. While attending college, Emily believed she became possessed. After medical care ceases to work, she turned to her faith. In the care of her priest she dies and he goes on trial for her death. He is represented by a career-minded and driven lawyer who does not believe in God.

    So yeah the movie's not your regular run of the mill horror movie.. I suppose most peepz were expecting something like ju-on, the-ring, exorcist etc.. Boo hoo! I was actually expecting the whole movie to focus on the exorcism until i read the review so i kinda knew the storyline and what to expect... What fascinated me was the its based on a true story and it claimed to have a recording of "satan's voice"...
    I aint too sure bout Nessa, but i guess she wasnt too impressed.. was she expecting more action..some decapitated heads..lotsa blood perhaps?

    After letting the movie soak in & reviewing it in my head for a couple of days..i've to say that it's a preety good movie ..yeah, the movie's slow..no doubt.. heck! the first hour was kinda boring at first... but i liked it cause it's far away from conventional horror movies.. It revolves around the murder trial of Emily with her story being told in flashbacks.. The second hour was better.. its what i wanted to watch the exorcism itself and i was really looking forward to hear "satan's voice"... that whole part wasnt scary but rather cool i felt.. Im still sceptical though.. if it was "satan's voice" recorded for real from the original exorcism or whether it was just made up for the movie.. Jennifer Carpenter did a superb job playing Emily.. she carried the character of Emily possessed with 6 demons very very well.. Very awesome potrayal of Emily being sick and weird and all...

    We later had lunch at J.J's (formerly Olivers) sandwiches... their sandwiches suck monsters balls now! ... i had a roast beef bagel sandwich.. which i always do and it sucked to the max.. was hungry but totally lost my appetite after a few bites.. its nothing like what it used to be about a year ago.. i guess thay've changed management now.. i could be wrong.. but their meat choices are pathetic now and they dont look or taste as fresh as before.. but it didnt matter that much.. cause yeah, the company was good and the conversations were good...

    so yeah..go watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose... It's worth a watch because its based on a true story and once again because its just different from norm..
    woooooo! damn!... its almost 3am now!...3am is said to be the period where the demons come out and are in control.... contrary to 3pm where jesus is said to have died... i better hit the sack now...

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    Friday, November 11, 2005

    I feel like puking BUT I cant

    I feel like putting on my running shoes and running BUT I cant

    I feel like sleeping BUT I cant

    I just had Singapore Bee-hon which was outrageously oily..!

    I feel like taking a dump...no BUTS.. That i shall do..

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    Thursday, November 10, 2005

    Borris da pimpin fish....

    This is one cool pimpin' fish.. Borris is his name.. Say HI to Borris everyone!

    Check out that hump on his head.. Im not sure what kinda fish Borris is.. Im guessing he's one of the Flowerhorn kinda breed.. no matter what.... with that hump and those bulging eyes.. I think Borris is just wicked.. :) Im really not fond of fishes at all, but with Borris its different..

    He's a gangsta kinda fish..

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    Monday, November 07, 2005

    oh bloody hairy hell....

    OMFG!!!... what da fuck's going on yo? some cockbrain ass fucker searched for "hairy gym guys" on msn search and guess what.... ?

    *Click to enlarge*

    MY FRIGGIN BLOG POP'S UP IN THE SEARCH!!! right smack in between shit like "naked old men an hairy polarbears" WHAT THE FUCK? "gay sam blog" WHAT IN THE FUCKIN WORLD? "hairy anus enter here" OMFG... are you shittin me man?

    What has this world come to man.. fuckin gay ass fuckers can be 'emselfs and do what the fuck ever they want.. but how the hell did my blog get associated with men anal fuckers?

    this was the fucking discription/summary of my blog..

    "my magic drink.. right after gym i drove to 7-11 and got some ... Hairy Primates left me bananas Thursday, October 27, 2005 Who wants ... find its always easier with guys... Mus is another interesting ..."

    Muahahahhahah this is muthafuckin hillarious!..

    Your mama's on the top of my things to do list... Your mama's on the top of my things to do list... Your mama's on the top of my things to do list...

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    Saturday, November 05, 2005

    damn those chequered shirts...

    So i agreed to a deal with the devil Lainie ... *Lains jangan marah ye* so i havta put this up..

    Leave your name and
    [1] I'll respond with something random about you.
    [2] I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
    [3] I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
    [4] I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
    [5] I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
    [6] I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
    [7] I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
    [8] If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written!
    Lainie's Reply..

    [1] I still associate chequered shirts with you till now, cause you used to wear so
    many of them!:D
    [2] Herbie reloaded
    [3] green tea
    [4] coffeebean! well, that'd make sense to nessa too..
    [5] You sitting on the stairs in my school, with the other boys... very quiet.
    [6] Beetle.
    [7] What FIRST made you go for the makeovers? Like, who told you about them?

    i felt my coolness level drop because of the chequered shirt thingy.. so here's my reply..

    [1] Chequered shirts..? oh god! Why?... the thought of chequered shirts is very
    disturbing.. I knew it’d comeback to haunt me someday.. but woman, no!..I never used to wear soo many of them… I only had a couple..seriously.. maybe you mistook Al Borland (Home Improvement) for me :P..or those other losers I had as friends back then.. I know they used to wear lots of chequered shirts..

    [2]Herbie Reloaded.. eeerrmmmm I havent watched it yet.. I know.. I know.. you'd expect me to have already watched it since im a VW freak and all.. but havent had the time la.. anyhows i’d like to know why it reminds you of me..? I don’t think im as hot as Lindsay Lohan :P
    I personally think the song that reminds me of me is Michael Buble’s Home..

    [3]Ok la Green Tea kinda rocks.. im imagining you wrestling me and all i see is you squeezing/throwing me around like jello!

    [4]Coffeebean?.. lol.. it could mean soooo many things... which one makes sense?

    [5]Ah!... the trying to be cool sessions at Main Convent.. yeah very quiet then..only spoke sensibly.. but you should know.. if you’ve already got to know me.. im not that quiet anymore.. remember "Al-Zilla"? anyhows im a bit more of a conversation starter now.. i enjoy hangin out and talking now a days..

    [6]Beetle..? Im not rounded!... haha lol.. because of my car is it?.. serious.. what do i got incommon with beetles?

    [7] What makeovers…? I don’t know how much I’ve changed.. its not like i went to a clinic/saloon and got some stuff done..
    everyone changes with age i feel I have as well.. matured even more.. i’ve tried soo many hairstyles.. everyone keeps telling me that the old Beckham / new Ricky Martin look works for me.. so its either that or something I come up with.. I personally prefer messy hair..
    I’ve always liked retro stuff.. and smart attire (cufflinks, striped shirts, etc).. totally dig stuff with stripes.. 80% of my wardrobe is filled with black..
    Magazines are inspiring.. CLEO has some good stuff for guys too you know.. Queer Eye is good too.. hehe although i dont copy everything.. i define my own style.. i wear what i feel good in.. thats very important..
    What have you noticed that has changed about me? positive and negative..
    so yeah..Lains next time im down in kay-el i'll look you up... it'd be good to hangout and talk..
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