• Sunday, October 02, 2005

    sunday...i like....

    Slept like a hybernating bear one of the best sleeps i've had in a very long time... i just knocked out and the next thing i know its the next afternoon.. been having difficulty goin to sleep, will be tossing and turning and still cant sleep... waking up at 12 today felt like bliss... i only got to washing up at 5pm!.... hahaaa yeah i feel dirty babe.. but yeah brushed my teeth, took a cold shower, shaved, and washed my hair, finally after a couple of weeks... washed as in shampooed, its not like i dont wet my hair everytime i bath... that be weird aint it, actually rather impossible..

    wondering what i was up to from 12-5...? yeah well, my net connection was fuckin up.. i thought Streamyx was fucked...common perception yea? so first thing i did was call their customer service.. call was answered by this indian girl.. she was trying to be too freakin professional annoying... i was gettin pissed, cause all i wanted to know was whether the servers/lines were down fucked or my account was suspended (sometimes i pay my bill right on the due date)... she was like askin me all this crap questions and shits...

    annoying girl: can i get ur name sir?
    pissed of me : axxxx
    annoying girl: can i get ur acc no?
    pissed of me : xxxxxxx
    annoying girl: ok. can i get the name of the acc holder?
    pissed of me : xxxxxxxx...
    annoying girl: i need the full name?
    pissed of me : what the..? xxxxxxxxxx
    annoying girl: ok. now that i've verified ur acc. how may i help you mr axxxx?
    pissed of me : right! im havin problems connecting since yesterday, i'd just
    like to know if the servers are down?
    annoying girl: whats the error message on ur screen? mr axxxx...
    pissed of me : what....? there's no error message... its just that the dsl light keeps blinkin and doesnt stop..meaning its not connecting..
    annoying girl: no error message? mr axxxx...
    pissed of me : uh nooo! mine's an auto dial modem, it connects automatically..
    annoying girl: are you using a direct line or a port splitter? oh auto dial.. you see mr axxxx, theres 3 wires behind ur modem..
    pissed of me : post splitter...uh nooo! theres only one which is a ethernet cable.. besides the dsl line...
    annoying girl: ok. ethernet. mr axxxx... what you do is remove the wires and the port splitter, wait 5 minutes and try connecting using the direct line... ok ? mr axxxx
    pissed of me : oh-kay..but what i'd really like to know is whether the servers in my area are down or something??? *makin monkey faces*
    annoying girl: ur acc seems to be active mr axxxx and i dont know if theres a problem in ur area cause no one has lodged a report yet.. what you can do is remove the wire......bla bla bla call us back if it doesnt work then we'll get a technician to look into it...
    pissed of me : all righty then! yeah i'll call back! *more monkey faces*

    yeah so, her advice worked, it was the port splitter afterall.. but i got annoyed cause she was speaking to me as if i was a kid... thats a big no no with customer service.. its kinda disrespectful, makes the client feel dumb/incompetent somewhat.. and she kept repeating my name after every sentence!! damn!

    once the connection was up... i started reading the sunday papers.. always read the automotive pullout on sundays... then i started downloading Tiesto's stuff.. i dunno all of a suddent.. i felt like i needed more trance...!! some Paul Oakenfold as well..
    downloaded Tiesto's Parade of The Athletes, the album from the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.. yeah dude, Tiesto was spinning at the opening ceremony... good stuff.. typical Tiesto...starts slow but after the 2nd track things get hot.. but with one or 2 tracks things are a lil long which tends to get boring... but yeah overall good album.. Tiesto is the God of Trance!

    My first meal of the day was after 5... surprisingly i didnt feel hungry or light headed... i had a 1) quarter pounder + 2) chicken burger 3) + banana pie... regretted not buying a choc sunday, cause i still had room.. :P
    anyhows yeah, banana pie for real.. something new from McD's... it was alright.. kinda too sweet.. it'd be better if the bananas were caramelised! with some brown sugar maybe, then it be bangin..

    Yesterday, i bumped into a couple of old friends from my high school days... it was a surprise and pleasure meeting Shakee/Shaki and Sangeet aka Sengga.. i havent seen Sengga in ages, she still looks the same though... Shakee the last i met was while workin at the coffee bean, she normally comes to look me up when she's down.. so does Nisha.. which i heard is doing her Masters in Aust... we had stories to share.. about where the rest are, etc etc..
    its always nice to meet up peepz which you havent seen in ages..granted they're the ones you'd actually plan to meet..! they're surprised as with most peepz, that i've left everything and doing nothing now.. Shakee said i looked "soo down".. yikes! i didnt know i was potraying that...

    was going to join the gym last week, but then i was told there might be some discounts on the way, i was adviced to hold on.. but i really wanna work out so no matter what in a couple of days ill become a proud gym member... hopefully they dont cut the price into half right after that...!

    my friend from singapore text-ed me, informing bout management vacancies at McD's singapore, the pay's preety good as well... he's there as a manager as well, so it shouldnt be a problem... but i seriously dont know.. if i'd want to go to singapore.. i was lookin forward to getting in shape... then start all over again next year... if i dont do it now, i know ill never get a chance again..
    maybe im a bit insecure bout a new place and all..but hell after a while ill get used to it i know.. but i guess, im not sure if i still wanna do what ive been good at doing all this while...i dont know man, brain dead!... i wanna get in shape atlease... while i can.. i want those six packs! besides i was also planning to travel year end/early next year... backpack maybe.. visit hatyai for the new year..if i can get a group together..no point goin alone innit?
    the funny thing is, i've been toying with this idea of joining the coffee bean back.. maybe not in malaysia.. sounds stupid i know.. after everything that happened.. but i liked the environment.. i liked being a manager at the coffee bean, i liked being a barista.. not many people can be baristas...just like not many people can be wine sommeliers.. yeah maybe if i can pull some strings...

    for now, im going to watch Liverpool beat Chelsea's ass! Liverpool 2 Chelsea 1...
    im being modest....

    EDIT LATER : 12:57 am - Liverpool 1 Chelsea 4 ....... fucks.....

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