• Thursday, October 06, 2005


    just got back from the gym... yes! im proud to say i've taken the first step to controling my body... gawd! my friggin' body hurts.. well actually not hurt as in hurt but more like stiffness that hurts... arrgh whatever la.. but its all good.. no pain no gain, init? joining the gym is the best investment i've ever made in my whole life... i can firmly say that!...

    today's sessions were way cool... i had a trainer... nice chinese guy.. damnit! i forgot his name.. he was very accommodating and patient... i felt like a nut.. lol! embarrassed, felt like kicking myself.. cant help it la.. my body's stiff as hell.. i can't bend my arms and legs much.. its pathetic i tell you.. if i was in his place, i surely would have smacked myself! :P... i've got alot of catching up to do.. especially with weights... brisk walking on the treadmill for 30 mins aint a prob.. i could go longer.. tried the cycle machine today.. so thats gonna be a daily routine as well.. but the weights.. damn! i feel pathetic.. the posture the guy's showing me.. hahah.. i feel so stiff i cant relax my body... damnit! really hope to get used to it soon.. my posture..my posture.. my posture... damnit! why cant i be more flexible..
    wow! the stretch's the guy performed on me after everything.. was blissfully painful! my reflexes would have virtually kicked him off me at times, but somehow i just bared with it.. amazes me sometimes, the amount of pain i can handle.. but yeah, it was very relaxing after that... now i know that, i dont need massages i just need more painful stretch's..!

    diagnosis.. my right side is more flexible than my left side.. gotta work on my knees or something and my arms..

    there was circuit class as well today.. which i intend to join... but im not ready yet.. it sounded intense... and the roof looked like it was gonna collapse with all the tumping.. so yeah, i guess its intense... but yeah, i hope join soon.. teheheh, i guess yoga will havta wait, i dont wanna make a clown outta myself..

    geezzz, im friggin hungry now.. i just feel like having a thick piece of juicy meat.. anything.. except fish and seafood... damn hungry! need food... maybe hot shower first...


    Blogger lainieyeoh said...

    wow...i know you feel...good about the gym thing

    but that wigged me out. stay away pain!

    4:36 PM  
    Anonymous vanessa said...

    eh? you were there yesterday? that white punchbuggy mustve been yours then? hmm. didnt see you.
    good to know you've gotten started. you gotta go often though cos all your training wont amount to much if you only go less than 3 or 4 times a week. dont worry your flexibility will improve in time.

    and a common misconception people have about circuit class is that you gotta be fit first before you do it.. tsk! no laa!
    circuit class is what gets you in shape. take my word for it. its probably the best way to start. theres many different options for the intensity of each excercise in circuit, so dont worry, we look after you!
    then you know for sure that you'll have a really good sleep afterwards. =P

    and Lea's yoga flow class doesnt do much on stretching and postures, its more of a chillaxed workout. so dont worry bout your flexibility. though, you should probably do some stretching at home anyway, not just after a workout. its good for you. =)

    oh and by the way, the dude's name is Kok Heng.

    10:07 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    Lainie : me man.. man like aching muscles and pain... hohohho

    Nessa : maybe i'll see you in circut class... one of this days.. but id rather not be the only guy there.. although that maybe a plus for me... :p

    2:01 AM  

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