• Monday, October 31, 2005

    burning arms..shaky legs..

    holy craps... i feel... damn.. i cant explain what i feel like now.. i was just soo friggin pumped out earlier.. i joined Barbell class today... didnt intend to.. it all just happened soo spontaniously.. i was at the 2k+ mark on the treadmill..happily running... i had the running vibes.. could have touched 5k today..well maybe...when Lea approached me..asking me to join class..
    i was like... eeerrr now? she's like yea its starting soon... *thinking very quickly* i'd always pass the invitation, but today somehow i accepted it since she was nice enough to look me up and invite me and i didnt wanna look like a wuss i guess..

    so i joined class.. there were like 8 of us and luckly i wasnt the only guy there.. there was another bloke there as well.. small classes are good!

    goddamn!... the workout was a-w-e-s-o-m-e...awesome... i was kinda pathetic la.. my first time.. but i know i'd get better with time.. pretty intense workout..that totally works your upper body..abs..and lower body... there were like 3 sets.. i nearly gave up after the first set.. shit you not.. i just kept tellin myself come on! dont be a pussy just hang on... the chicks can do it.. but chicks have like 9 times more strength or something.. bullocks dont be a pussy...when you fall then give up!...oh crap what did i get into..this is like boot camp... oh yay! the song's ending..haha stuff like that were playing in my head.. amazingly i stayed on till the end.. taking split second breaks now and then.. but i still completed class.. arms and abs burning and shaky legs... but all good though..
    i couldnt stretch my legs that much.. i cant never straighten my legs and touch my toes with my hands.. never.. the other guy found it difficult to do as well.. if thats any consolation...
    im just rusty or i have longer legs and not too long hands.. ?
    but yeah...what Nessa told me is friggin true... 1 hour of class is a way better kick ass workout then just doing weights and so on... so yeah ill make it a point to go for barbell class whenever i can.. you know you'll be having a good nights sleep after a workout like that!..for real yo..

    H20 never tasted that good i tell you... but i knew i needed my magic drink.. right after gym i drove to 7-11 and got some gatorade to stock up at home.. gatorade alpine snow is the bomb yo! i jugged down one can in like 10 secs..

    Tomorrow's Diwali.. and Raya's in a couple of days... So yeah happy holidays to you jokers out there.. to everyone who has been wishing me happy diwali.. we dont celebrate diwali but thanks anyways.. i say we're Malaysian so we should celebrate everything together.. no-hal one.. forget all those bigots out there and just have fun with the festivities.. i already hear fireworks in the air..!


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    Blogger lainieyeoh said...

    I've heard the really evil class is...argh, i can't remember the name right now. Risha used to complain it's a total bitch.

    4:58 PM  
    Blogger lainieyeoh said...

    Circuit! Circuit class!

    3:23 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    woooo... lol Nessa's always asking me to join circuit class..

    5:28 PM  

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