• Friday, October 14, 2005


    fuckin' felt like puking... nasi goreng pataya & teh tarik sucks monsters balls.. bad combination... i dont think i wanna eat after 12am anymore...

    was raining muthafriggin' sharks and pigs for hours.... pretty chilly now.. awesome condition to sleep.. but

    it's 3:30 in the morning and im still friggin' awake.. i dont know why... i guess i like that its quiet and peaceful..

    found some interesting t-shirts that i'd like to purchase...


    Shuriken Attack



    im a sucker for black clothings... t-shirt's especially..

    my friggin watch strap kinda broke... i've to find a watch shop that stocks adidas watch straps now.. damnit.. the last time i wanted to change the strap, i was told i've to wait 3 weeks! yeah..3 friggin weeks.. cause they havta send the watch to kay-el to change the strap.. how STUPID is that ? i cant seem to find my swatch... i might have thrown it away while cleaning my room... thats the only logical thing i can think of, unless someone stole it.. cause i cant seem to find it...dooohhh!

    wow its almost 4:00am now.. buttocks... i still feel like staying awake.. damnit, i wish i'd connected the tele in my room.. actually its already in my room.. but i havent got to connecting the cables..atlease i could play the PS while lying down.. damn..damn.. damn.. i wish i had a trampoline in my room now.. that be fun as well..

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