• Monday, October 31, 2005

    burning arms..shaky legs..

    holy craps... i feel... damn.. i cant explain what i feel like now.. i was just soo friggin pumped out earlier.. i joined Barbell class today... didnt intend to.. it all just happened soo spontaniously.. i was at the 2k+ mark on the treadmill..happily running... i had the running vibes.. could have touched 5k today..well maybe...when Lea approached me..asking me to join class..
    i was like... eeerrr now? she's like yea its starting soon... *thinking very quickly* i'd always pass the invitation, but today somehow i accepted it since she was nice enough to look me up and invite me and i didnt wanna look like a wuss i guess..

    so i joined class.. there were like 8 of us and luckly i wasnt the only guy there.. there was another bloke there as well.. small classes are good!

    goddamn!... the workout was a-w-e-s-o-m-e...awesome... i was kinda pathetic la.. my first time.. but i know i'd get better with time.. pretty intense workout..that totally works your upper body..abs..and lower body... there were like 3 sets.. i nearly gave up after the first set.. shit you not.. i just kept tellin myself come on! dont be a pussy just hang on... the chicks can do it.. but chicks have like 9 times more strength or something.. bullocks dont be a pussy...when you fall then give up!...oh crap what did i get into..this is like boot camp... oh yay! the song's ending..haha stuff like that were playing in my head.. amazingly i stayed on till the end.. taking split second breaks now and then.. but i still completed class.. arms and abs burning and shaky legs... but all good though..
    i couldnt stretch my legs that much.. i cant never straighten my legs and touch my toes with my hands.. never.. the other guy found it difficult to do as well.. if thats any consolation...
    im just rusty or i have longer legs and not too long hands.. ?
    but yeah...what Nessa told me is friggin true... 1 hour of class is a way better kick ass workout then just doing weights and so on... so yeah ill make it a point to go for barbell class whenever i can.. you know you'll be having a good nights sleep after a workout like that!..for real yo..

    H20 never tasted that good i tell you... but i knew i needed my magic drink.. right after gym i drove to 7-11 and got some gatorade to stock up at home.. gatorade alpine snow is the bomb yo! i jugged down one can in like 10 secs..

    Tomorrow's Diwali.. and Raya's in a couple of days... So yeah happy holidays to you jokers out there.. to everyone who has been wishing me happy diwali.. we dont celebrate diwali but thanks anyways.. i say we're Malaysian so we should celebrate everything together.. no-hal one.. forget all those bigots out there and just have fun with the festivities.. i already hear fireworks in the air..!


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    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    Who wants some Dishoom...?

    Ever wondered what'd happen if Ali-G, George Bush, John Kerry, & Amitabh Bachchan were together in a room?........well
    ......you'd get some Dishoom..baby!

    What happens when an Indian Chick gets on Nick Cannon's show..You get a booty call... Not bad for an Indian girl..

    Indian dude gets all wack..Russell Peters...is the shieeeettt

    Sunday, October 23, 2005

    ma cheebai and the food review...

    What the fuck….?!
    I dented my car’s rear left fender..yeah me…stupid friggin me… sakit hati la.. im trying not to think about it but naturally I cant… why do I always get into fucking stupid ass situations like this…
    I was in a rush to leave home this morning.. one of our cars was parked very close right next to mine… and as I moved forward and turned left… I heard this “thud” sound.. ma cheebai I yelled out… like thank you la!.... I was imagining the amount of damage caused.. hoping that nothing actually happened… To my car atlease… but unfortunately I caused the poor car to get a wicked dent… what happened to the other car, you ask?...well nothing..just some black scratches on the bumper...unbelievable cause its a proton.. o_O Looks fugly la.. the rear right side is slightly dented as well… courtesy of a lame ass person who was trying to get out of the parking bay beside me.. and no! it didn’t happen today as well.. that would be really freaky… you’d think im cursed or something… it happened a couple of months back… so heres a huge Fuck You to all you fuckers out there with ass wipe driving skills..!
    Im not pissed bout today…just friggin amused with this stupidity…

    ouch!..the friggin dent...

    I don’t know if im actually gonna repair those fenders… maybe I should leave the dents there like battle scars..for the car anyway… kinda like I don’t givva fuck… but in reality I really do care a lot for the beetle… gives me more reasons now to get the car painted….black….weeeeee!.... but I was actually looking forward to buying one of these babies soon… this baby or this baby
    so now… decisions… decisions…decisions.. either way its gonna cost me the same…

    A’ight then…..now to yummy Italian food… damn yo… I love Italian food… pasta’s… pizza’s… dumplings… all those yummy yummy stuff…

    This is pasta fettuccine with white sauce… its called Creamy Fettuccine at the place I got it from… the white sauce is actually a very thick and rich béchamel sauce… creamy…cheesy..milky… the sauce is complimented with sautéed turkey ham, shitake mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and French beans.. the pasta fettuccine goes very well with béchamel sauce..the creamy sauce absorbs into the pasta making it moist while still keeping it “al dente” (firm)… The creamy fettuccine is a hell of a meal on its own.. if you have a big appetite or when you’re friggin hungry this is the dish for you! try not to have booze...or run.. or jump... after having this one..

    This on the other hand is pasta fettuccine ala Bolognese/bolognaise… it was originally with pasta linguine, but I requested that it be replaced with pasta fettuccine instead… just to try it out… it’s a choice of chicken or beef Bolognese/Bolognaise sauce.. I always opt for the beef cause its simply better… albeit without ham, since the place is kinda halal..
    The pasta fettuccine didn’t go well with the meat sauce cause fettuccine is always “al dente” and it couldn’t soak up the meaty sauce…. Making the pasta kinda dry… Bolognese/Bolognaise always goes well with pasta linguine cause the meat sauce clings easier to the pasta..cause it aint as firm as fettuccine… a good meal on its own as well.. the pasta might not be filling but the meat sauce is aplenty and it fill you up…!

    Blueberry cheese cake… aint Italian I know…but what the heck… one of my favourites… when its fresh it’s really awesome.. .. a firm biscuit base… soft cheese… mixed with fresh blueberries… I don’t know how to explain it… its very light… not too sweet.. all the flavours (biscuit, cheese, blueberry) blend like it was meant to be… just lovely.. but it has to be fresh..!

    so jokers..wondering where i got all these yummy food from.... HA? well y'all just havta keep drooling... i aint mentioning.. cause i dont wanna promote the place..

    so there you go...ma cheebai and the food review :)

    Mel....i miss her...

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    Friday, October 21, 2005

    Where do bad folks go when they die?
    They don't go to heaven where the angels fly
    They go down to the lake of fire and fry
    Won't see them again 'till the fourth of July

    just felt like saying that...

    on the contrary... Datin Seri Endon has sadly passed away... i believe her death comes as a huge shock to all of us.. May her soul rest in peace..

    what i'd like to know is.. will monday be declared a public holiday?.. not like it'd matter to me, but yeah..

    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    confucius say - must not wank too much for knees shall become weak

    what up wankers...

    good news.. got back the punchbuggy from the garage today... *sigh* relieved... it sucked having to borrow dad' and bro's cars.. turns out it wasnt the starter fucking up after all.. it was the distributor... the guy managed to service it and change some parts.. but still cost me 140 bucks.. could have been worse though, a brand new Bosch distributor would have atlease cost me 4 times more..! im able to drive my beetle..so its all good though.. for those of you losers out there who keep thinking that im living off dad's money... NAH!! i paid for it with my own friggin money.. a'ight..

    got my hair cut as well today... yeah sadly the days of the shaggy hair are over.. there goes those plans for dreadlocks/cornrows down the drain.. but what ever.. i was gettin irritated with the weirdo hair.. Iskandar asked me the other day if i was keepin a mullet.. a mullet jo..! goddamn! that freaked me out yo.. images of "joe dirt" were flashing in front of me..
    i feel much "cleaner" now... my head's slightly lighter as well i suppose.. haha.. pretty satisfied with the haircut.. was gonna try out a saloon today but thought what the hell, might as well just take the risk with an 8 ringgit haircut.. it turned out well..so props to the barber this time..

    Dad and i had tea at this cool old skool lil place called Ipoh Oldtown Kopitiam.. Dad always hangs out there cause its a stones throw away from his office, it was the second visit for me though..

    the ambiance is nice.. the place is infused with modern classic elements.. you know la, old skool kopitiam style marble tables and chairs with new skool lighting and flooring, etc.. the prices are dirt cheap.. most expensive item still below 5 ringgit!.. beats hangin out at coffee bean where all you get are wannabes hangin out.. the drinks are pretty good, the food as well i suppose.. i havent tried everything.. only the white coffee (hot & iced) and the kaya & butter toasts..i dont know what's "kaya" in english.. its not "rich"..so go figure..

    This is the "thick toast with kaya & butter".. damn! i dont think i've seen a slice of bread that thick before.. maybe in Aust, but i cant remember if their bread slices were actually as thick..

    Was speaking to my friend Nicky the other day.. i lived with the dude in a room while doing my coffee bean training in kay-el.. the dude had 2 girlfriends then, but somehow i feel he's a lil gay.. but anyhows very nice dude.. arent we all a lil gay sometimes?... a'ight anyhows the dude was tellin me bout management vacancies at Starbucks.. yeah wankers.. Starbucks.. great cause i've been having urges to go back to a coffee outlet... this is way weird but i dont wanna leave ipoh.. at the moment atlease.. "i dont wanna leave ipoh".. yeah you heard it straight from me... *smacks* head.. im muthafriggin procrastinating too much... i've been wanting to leave since early this year.. but if i get the job in penang.. it'd be weird, atlease last time Mel was my reason for wanting to shift to penang, now it'd be all awkward.. i'd have to leave the gym.. i dont want to ... i planned to take this free time to workout and shape my body besides i like that place.. oh! decisions.. Starbucks would be great... but then again it could be the direct opposite just like coffee bean.. it still be a great experience afterall Starbucks malaysia is a way better company from coffeebean.. well from the outside anyway..

    i cant believe this man.. i've been waiting for something like this for ages.. now the opportunity comes and im not sure if i want it now.. i cant believe i actually dont wanna leave this place... how bloody ironic is this... nicky just messaged me informing bout walkin interviews.. i think i have a pretty good chance.. *tsk* *tsk* *tsk* procrastinate... procrastinate.. good opportunity.. wrong timing.. wrong place.. damn! what should i do... ?

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    Friday, October 14, 2005

    why now...... ..... ..... why..... ?

    aiyooo... friggin' car cannot start now... just lucky that i made it home from the gym earlier.. lucky that i live only a few minutes away... if it was any further i think the car would have stalled, and i would have lost my mind there and then...
    i thought the fuckin' battery was dying...maybe the aircond guy left some wires loose the other day... he did that once, and the battery stopped charging..

    but then the "symptoms" point to the starter... fucks la.. i just hope *hoping very hard* that its some faulty/loose wiring.. and not the starter itself.. a new starter will set me back bout 300 bucks.. i think...fuck fuckaty fuck fuck...!

    why la... i dont need shit like this... i wanna travel end of the year..i dont want to spend money like this...

    the big headache now is getting the car started in the morning and driving it to the workshop... i dont know who to take it to ... the aircond guy or the mechanic dude...they're both "worlds apart" from each other... and its saturday... half day... just great...

    fuck the rain.. cant it just friggin rain and stop... why does it havta rain heavily..stop...rain heavily again... arrrggghhhh... everythings pissing me off la..

    screw my hair as well.. im gonna get it cut... the plan was to grow it so i'd be able to get dreadlocks or cornrows atlease... but balls if thats gonna happen in 2 months.. the back's longer than the front and top... like wtf.. been really contemplating shaving my head ala Pharrell or Shamser Sidhu... but i dont know la.. it'd be cool at first but i dont like it when it starts getting thick and shit...
    when you get fed up of a shaved head its agonizing waiting for hair to grow so you'd be able to do something decend with it...

    blood pressure rising... temper level rising.. i feel like breaking something...

    dont wanna think anymore.. just wanna hit the sack... i only had bout 4 hours of sleep last night.. havta wake up early tomorrow and try to stay calm gettin the car started... i hate dates with 4 in them.. 04...14...fuckin suck balls!!!!


    fuckin' felt like puking... nasi goreng pataya & teh tarik sucks monsters balls.. bad combination... i dont think i wanna eat after 12am anymore...

    was raining muthafriggin' sharks and pigs for hours.... pretty chilly now.. awesome condition to sleep.. but

    it's 3:30 in the morning and im still friggin' awake.. i dont know why... i guess i like that its quiet and peaceful..

    found some interesting t-shirts that i'd like to purchase...


    Shuriken Attack



    im a sucker for black clothings... t-shirt's especially..

    my friggin watch strap kinda broke... i've to find a watch shop that stocks adidas watch straps now.. damnit.. the last time i wanted to change the strap, i was told i've to wait 3 weeks! yeah..3 friggin weeks.. cause they havta send the watch to kay-el to change the strap.. how STUPID is that ? i cant seem to find my swatch... i might have thrown it away while cleaning my room... thats the only logical thing i can think of, unless someone stole it.. cause i cant seem to find it...dooohhh!

    wow its almost 4:00am now.. buttocks... i still feel like staying awake.. damnit, i wish i'd connected the tele in my room.. actually its already in my room.. but i havent got to connecting the cables..atlease i could play the PS while lying down.. damn..damn.. damn.. i wish i had a trampoline in my room now.. that be fun as well..

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    Monday, October 10, 2005

    na na na nanana.....crazy bozo's love me...

    woooo hoooo....! holy craps.... im all pumped up baby... woah.. the adrenaline.. wooooooooo!!! i was having a crappy day but i feel muthafriggin GREAT now man... im like all ready to rumble and crap... like bring it on baby... woooooo.... yeah i feel good... working out is the shieettt yo...
    i went to the gym twice today... once in the morning... the whole afternoon was shitty.. it was tooo bloody friggin HOT... i was on the verge of loosing it..felt soo restless and 'icky... totally had it with the punchbuggy's aircond system so i just fucked everything aside and headed straight to the workshop... the guy who custom made the aircond system for the punchbuggy... turns out it was just a faulty +/- wire... causing all the problem... damn! he didnt even charge me for it...

    came home watched the simpsons... still too restless... i felt like running.. thought what the heck.. i went back to the gym... the rain was pouring like muthafriggin sharks and pigs.. but it didnt deter me one bit yo... to the gym i went
    and run i did.. it was awesome... was like a total burst of energy... i felt in peace.. did some weights as well.. awesome.. just muthafriggin awesome...! i feel like the duracel bunny yo... keeps going and going and going.... :)

    nearly lost control of my car on the way back... didnt notice this huge puddle of water and went straight in.. the car just started pulling to the left... i dont know why beetles are fond of doing that... fuck wei, just got a cramp on my right leg... but im kinda used to cramps and shits... so its alright...

    got acquainted with Nessa as well... thought she was gonna be taller than me but she aint... :P but i guess she'll be able to kick my ass... for now la.. wish we could have talked longer, but they were closing up and i wanted to finish my sets.. next time hopefully..

    dudes im kinda perplexed cause i aint feelin' any stiffness in the mornings... maybe the stretches are doing good.. but i kinda wanna feel a lil pain and stiffness... like earlier.. Kok Heng asked if the weights are too heavy.. i was like dude no.. i wanna feel some pain.. he was in disbelieve that it was my second visit to the gym.. hohoho.. really hope to see atlease some results at the end of the month.. "if you wanna get fit - train... if you wanna win - train harder" ...

    ParadoxicalThoughts came out first in Technorati's search for "AXN"... interesting cause i've never signed up for Technorati... check it out here

    that's all folks...

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    oh..i dont know...

    crappy sunday man... feel weird today... i dont know why.. maybe its because i didnt go to the gym... i didnt intend to workout today anyway cause they're only open till 2pm on sundays... i slept and slept and slept... didnt feel like waking up one bit.. had breakfast..2 slices of pizza... read the papers.. watched formula 1 for a bit then i went back to sleep.. totally gave up on F1... the race was like a mockery of sorts... spending my time sleeping was a better option...
    its just friggin weird.. i cant put my finger on it.. im not really tired... not lethegic.. but i just wanted to sleeeeeppp... my back started hurting today... my posture again... after the second day of working out my back and posture felt good.. well maybe more of my back and less of my posture, but yah... and today i was lazing around i feel weird.. could it be some psychological effect..?

    its back to the gym tomorrow though.. i love that place man... it rocks, even more then elmo and the cookie monster!!...and everyone knows how much elmo and the cookie monster rocks.. yea?
    this dude jeff is way cool... ive only known him for bout 5 days.. but we talk to each other like we've been pals for ages... sometimes people just click like that.... i find its always easier with guys... Mus is another interesting character, but he seems limp.. haha.. maybe its because of the fasting month... nonetheless nice guy as well...always complementing my car :) ....although the punchbuggy's nowhere near perfect yet...
    spoke to Lea (big boss and 3 times AXN MALAYSIA CHALLENGE CHAMPION) the other day... actually she came up to me... like "do i know you from somewhere?".... no la im not famous.. even jeff asked me once.. hey "someone asked who's ur dad... he said u look familiar"... eerrrmmm... kok heng dude... another nice fella.. mentioned him before... seriously looks like someone familiar... but i cant make it out... *ponders, when i'll be able to join the axn challenge?*
    anyhows i wish the gym was open like for 24 hours... woah! that be way cool... i'd be there even after midnight.. during all those times i find it difficult to sleep.. would it even be possible to have a 24 hour gym... in ipoh... eerrrr... i dont think so.. i might be the only one there... then again i might be wrong... eeerrmmm nay, i think ill be the only one there... cause im a weird like that..
    These past week at the gym, i realised i sweat like a cow...eerrr like a horse..? ok la whatever animal you can think of that sweat's like hell.. my t's always soaking wet...yah even my jocks are wet after sessions... i dont know man.. is it good to sweat like hell... or is it weird...? but thank god i dont have muthafriggin BO... yah, trust me i know i dont have BO... deodorants.. body sprays... edt's... i have 'em and i use 'em.. always... im metro like that..

    was channel surfing the other day...and there was this movie on Star..forgot what it was called.. the sypnosis went something like this....
    "a martial arts student goes on a quest to america to recover an ancient peach that holds the secret to eternal youth".... goddamn! i think i felt dumb for a second there... i had to read the bloody sypnosis all over again... how bloody dodgy is that?!

    oh! and later at night during the ending of Medical Investigation...starworld this time.. one of the characters went like...
    "they treat stomach aches with Guinness in Malaysia and Thailand..they sell Guinness right next to prescriptions at the pharmacies..." what the...?? no wonder some people still think we live on trees! what bloody inaccurate nonsense... puhleeezzz lah, atlease get your facts right.. maybe they do that in Thailand.. we'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt there.. but in Malaysia.. for gods sake.. how stupid can you be.. how stupid did you expect us to be..?!
    wow.. it'd be just too impossible to sell Guinness at the pharmacies.. muslim country for one.. alcohol licensing is another.. health ministry approving the sale of alcohol... that be ironic.. paradoxical even....
    oh wait.. maybe those morons were talkin bout 'em old school kedai ubat cina (chinese medicine halls) which sell everything... including those super chepo ether quality turpentine smelling liquor's... they might just have Guinness on their shelves..

    been planning to wash my car in weeks.. i blame it on the "oh so lovely" malaysian weather.. its either too friggin HOT to get out of the house... or its raining sharks and pigs! so yah, its the weather's fault.. my car badly needs a clean up.. hopefully this week.. alot of things in schedule this week.. doctors appointment on tuesday... they're gonna scope my nose..again... and lots more hours at the gym... did i mention i love that place...? .... wanna watch The Longest Yard & 4 Brothers... check my car's air conditioning system.. its fuckin up all of a sudden... and maybe find a black nike cap to add to the collection go for a facial.....

    Thursday, October 06, 2005


    just got back from the gym... yes! im proud to say i've taken the first step to controling my body... gawd! my friggin' body hurts.. well actually not hurt as in hurt but more like stiffness that hurts... arrgh whatever la.. but its all good.. no pain no gain, init? joining the gym is the best investment i've ever made in my whole life... i can firmly say that!...

    today's sessions were way cool... i had a trainer... nice chinese guy.. damnit! i forgot his name.. he was very accommodating and patient... i felt like a nut.. lol! embarrassed, felt like kicking myself.. cant help it la.. my body's stiff as hell.. i can't bend my arms and legs much.. its pathetic i tell you.. if i was in his place, i surely would have smacked myself! :P... i've got alot of catching up to do.. especially with weights... brisk walking on the treadmill for 30 mins aint a prob.. i could go longer.. tried the cycle machine today.. so thats gonna be a daily routine as well.. but the weights.. damn! i feel pathetic.. the posture the guy's showing me.. hahah.. i feel so stiff i cant relax my body... damnit! really hope to get used to it soon.. my posture..my posture.. my posture... damnit! why cant i be more flexible..
    wow! the stretch's the guy performed on me after everything.. was blissfully painful! my reflexes would have virtually kicked him off me at times, but somehow i just bared with it.. amazes me sometimes, the amount of pain i can handle.. but yeah, it was very relaxing after that... now i know that, i dont need massages i just need more painful stretch's..!

    diagnosis.. my right side is more flexible than my left side.. gotta work on my knees or something and my arms..

    there was circuit class as well today.. which i intend to join... but im not ready yet.. it sounded intense... and the roof looked like it was gonna collapse with all the tumping.. so yeah, i guess its intense... but yeah, i hope join soon.. teheheh, i guess yoga will havta wait, i dont wanna make a clown outta myself..

    geezzz, im friggin hungry now.. i just feel like having a thick piece of juicy meat.. anything.. except fish and seafood... damn hungry! need food... maybe hot shower first...

    Sunday, October 02, 2005

    sunday...i like....

    Slept like a hybernating bear one of the best sleeps i've had in a very long time... i just knocked out and the next thing i know its the next afternoon.. been having difficulty goin to sleep, will be tossing and turning and still cant sleep... waking up at 12 today felt like bliss... i only got to washing up at 5pm!.... hahaaa yeah i feel dirty babe.. but yeah brushed my teeth, took a cold shower, shaved, and washed my hair, finally after a couple of weeks... washed as in shampooed, its not like i dont wet my hair everytime i bath... that be weird aint it, actually rather impossible..

    wondering what i was up to from 12-5...? yeah well, my net connection was fuckin up.. i thought Streamyx was fucked...common perception yea? so first thing i did was call their customer service.. call was answered by this indian girl.. she was trying to be too freakin professional annoying... i was gettin pissed, cause all i wanted to know was whether the servers/lines were down fucked or my account was suspended (sometimes i pay my bill right on the due date)... she was like askin me all this crap questions and shits...

    annoying girl: can i get ur name sir?
    pissed of me : axxxx
    annoying girl: can i get ur acc no?
    pissed of me : xxxxxxx
    annoying girl: ok. can i get the name of the acc holder?
    pissed of me : xxxxxxxx...
    annoying girl: i need the full name?
    pissed of me : what the..? xxxxxxxxxx
    annoying girl: ok. now that i've verified ur acc. how may i help you mr axxxx?
    pissed of me : right! im havin problems connecting since yesterday, i'd just
    like to know if the servers are down?
    annoying girl: whats the error message on ur screen? mr axxxx...
    pissed of me : what....? there's no error message... its just that the dsl light keeps blinkin and doesnt stop..meaning its not connecting..
    annoying girl: no error message? mr axxxx...
    pissed of me : uh nooo! mine's an auto dial modem, it connects automatically..
    annoying girl: are you using a direct line or a port splitter? oh auto dial.. you see mr axxxx, theres 3 wires behind ur modem..
    pissed of me : post splitter...uh nooo! theres only one which is a ethernet cable.. besides the dsl line...
    annoying girl: ok. ethernet. mr axxxx... what you do is remove the wires and the port splitter, wait 5 minutes and try connecting using the direct line... ok ? mr axxxx
    pissed of me : oh-kay..but what i'd really like to know is whether the servers in my area are down or something??? *makin monkey faces*
    annoying girl: ur acc seems to be active mr axxxx and i dont know if theres a problem in ur area cause no one has lodged a report yet.. what you can do is remove the wire......bla bla bla call us back if it doesnt work then we'll get a technician to look into it...
    pissed of me : all righty then! yeah i'll call back! *more monkey faces*

    yeah so, her advice worked, it was the port splitter afterall.. but i got annoyed cause she was speaking to me as if i was a kid... thats a big no no with customer service.. its kinda disrespectful, makes the client feel dumb/incompetent somewhat.. and she kept repeating my name after every sentence!! damn!

    once the connection was up... i started reading the sunday papers.. always read the automotive pullout on sundays... then i started downloading Tiesto's stuff.. i dunno all of a suddent.. i felt like i needed more trance...!! some Paul Oakenfold as well..
    downloaded Tiesto's Parade of The Athletes, the album from the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.. yeah dude, Tiesto was spinning at the opening ceremony... good stuff.. typical Tiesto...starts slow but after the 2nd track things get hot.. but with one or 2 tracks things are a lil long which tends to get boring... but yeah overall good album.. Tiesto is the God of Trance!

    My first meal of the day was after 5... surprisingly i didnt feel hungry or light headed... i had a 1) quarter pounder + 2) chicken burger 3) + banana pie... regretted not buying a choc sunday, cause i still had room.. :P
    anyhows yeah, banana pie for real.. something new from McD's... it was alright.. kinda too sweet.. it'd be better if the bananas were caramelised! with some brown sugar maybe, then it be bangin..

    Yesterday, i bumped into a couple of old friends from my high school days... it was a surprise and pleasure meeting Shakee/Shaki and Sangeet aka Sengga.. i havent seen Sengga in ages, she still looks the same though... Shakee the last i met was while workin at the coffee bean, she normally comes to look me up when she's down.. so does Nisha.. which i heard is doing her Masters in Aust... we had stories to share.. about where the rest are, etc etc..
    its always nice to meet up peepz which you havent seen in ages..granted they're the ones you'd actually plan to meet..! they're surprised as with most peepz, that i've left everything and doing nothing now.. Shakee said i looked "soo down".. yikes! i didnt know i was potraying that...

    was going to join the gym last week, but then i was told there might be some discounts on the way, i was adviced to hold on.. but i really wanna work out so no matter what in a couple of days ill become a proud gym member... hopefully they dont cut the price into half right after that...!

    my friend from singapore text-ed me, informing bout management vacancies at McD's singapore, the pay's preety good as well... he's there as a manager as well, so it shouldnt be a problem... but i seriously dont know.. if i'd want to go to singapore.. i was lookin forward to getting in shape... then start all over again next year... if i dont do it now, i know ill never get a chance again..
    maybe im a bit insecure bout a new place and all..but hell after a while ill get used to it i know.. but i guess, im not sure if i still wanna do what ive been good at doing all this while...i dont know man, brain dead!... i wanna get in shape atlease... while i can.. i want those six packs! besides i was also planning to travel year end/early next year... backpack maybe.. visit hatyai for the new year..if i can get a group together..no point goin alone innit?
    the funny thing is, i've been toying with this idea of joining the coffee bean back.. maybe not in malaysia.. sounds stupid i know.. after everything that happened.. but i liked the environment.. i liked being a manager at the coffee bean, i liked being a barista.. not many people can be baristas...just like not many people can be wine sommeliers.. yeah maybe if i can pull some strings...

    for now, im going to watch Liverpool beat Chelsea's ass! Liverpool 2 Chelsea 1...
    im being modest....

    EDIT LATER : 12:57 am - Liverpool 1 Chelsea 4 ....... fucks.....

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