• Saturday, September 10, 2005

    I decided to get my ear re-pierced...finally...I used to have 3 piercings on my left ear...2 on the lobe..and 1 on the helix... huh? what the...? helix? ok if you're wondering the helix is the outer ring of the ear... but unfortunately since i was in the managerial level in the food n beverage line i had to remove all of it...the skin on the helix piercing has since regrown but the hole in the cartilage can still be felt..
    So anyhows, i went to Ipoh Parade...my instincts told me, yeah! i would be able to get some decent piercings over there..besides someone suggested i try out this shop called Green Apple, sometime ago...So yeah! i remember Green Apple or something to that name nearby the Levis shop...but damn! i was dumbfucked to find that Green Apple was closed down...great but nevermind i thought i'd just walk around there's bound to be ATLEASE another shop that offers piercings...dumbfucked again i was to discover that one cant get piercings at Ipoh Parade!!!!
    Pissed that i'd wasted my time i headed back home...wondering what the fuck is wrong with this city? and Ipoh Parade's supposed to be a freakin mall? god! lame! lame!! laaammmmeeee!!!!

    The next day though, i went to this place called Yik Foong Complex..some old skool shoppin complex in town...something like a mini Sungei Wang...I went to Revival... tattoo & piercing studio... the name says it all..so im going to the right place i thought..but....dammit! the bloody place was closed..every single time closed..call for appointment the sign said..."ma chee bai"...thats all i could say...
    So i took a walk around the complex...i dont like that place cause its preety dodgy...we used to hang out there, in the arcades and stuff during our high school days...but what would you know...there were many shops offering piercings..to my surprise the shop where i got my helix pierced a few years back was still around... and it only cost me RM 4.50 for the piercing... happy...
    I couldnt find the "ear jewelry" i was looking for in the shop..so a walk again i took..finally just decided to walk into this shop i had passed earlier..and to my delight they had everything i was looking for...god! this dodgy place is way better then Ipoh Parade!...i got the "ear jewelry" i wanted..the ones that look like watch batteries...it was RM19 per piece but i managed to get it for RM16... i dont know, i think its a bit pricy...i've never bought stuff like this before...but hey! its exactly what i wanted...so i dont mind..

    Im contemplating getting my helix re-pierced next...maybe get an industrial styled piercing..where it goes thru 2 piercings across the helix...or maybe just a normal one..we'll see..

    I went out for dinner with my dad and bro tonight...my treat :)...am i a good son or what.. haha! i wanted to check out Itali Mia.. this newly opened italian restaurant..but didnt wanna drive all the way to Sunway City... I decided on Movenpeak.. thought of ostrich and fish & chips.. what the...you eating fish?? haha! yeah! im trying to, slowly.. but my dad had other plans... he'd rather have pizza instead.. i was like what ever jo, i just need to eat...

    We went to the Pizza Hut in town..i looks kinda cool and all but the atmosphere still feels fast foodish..although PH is table service.. its still too bright.. noisy.. not exactly my cup of tea.. i'd prefer somewhere quieter..darker.. alfresco preferbly... Ordered Hawaiian Chic, Pepeproni & Cheese, Super Supreme....Couldnt finish we had to "ta pau"...my borther was acting like a wuss, only ate 1 slice.. he was saving up for the "tani" drinking sessions at someones party he'd be going to later..

    Im sitting here now in my room..feeling like a blimp....the blinds are up..the windows are open...its quiet..i see the dark sky with a cresent shaped moon...its a beautiful night...Liverpool's playing the Spurs tonight...Go Go Reds!

    *While walking to Pizza Hut, passed this young indian kid sitting by the side walk..thought he was waiting for someone..then i noticed he was barefooted.... I felt extremely sorry..that while everyone is walking past "enjoying" there in the middle of it all is this unfortunate kid... i wanted to hand him some cash, but i was thinking twice whether it'd actually help him...or if he'd misuse it or give it to his parents/guardians whoever who'd then misuse it for drugs..booze etc...i dont know, i could be wrong.. I feel sad, guilty even that there's still people living like that, especially kids.. i've always wish i could do something..but money doesnt always help...
    We may never have enough but we should be extremely fortunate to be who we are and for the things we have now! *


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