• Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    Beef Pie

    Decided to have a beef pie for dinner today...Had to write about it, cause i'm telling y'all its the best beef pie in Ipoh...and maybe even Malaysia...! Trust me i've tried beef pie's in many places and nothing even comes close to this...except the ones in Australia..but well thats a different story all together..anyhows i've been buying this particular beef pie for years from the same place, and it has always never let me down...

    As you can see, the pie is accompanied with coleslaw... the coleslaw really compliments the pie...the only thing missing is a generous portion of mash potatoes! *im a potato freak i admit it..especially mash.. :)* and maybe some mashed green peas, if you fancy... but im not a green pea fan though...

    The pie is very simple..the dough is awesome..buttery and just the right consistency (not too light or too heavy)..Its filled with brown sauce, tender carrot slices, and *mouth watering* tender beef cubes.. the beef is THE real thing! unlike other places eg:- dave's deli..where the beef is all crapped up!

    The best beef pie around, this city/country hands down!... i've had a guy from france, a cousin from ireland, and a few other joe's who swear by it!


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