• Monday, July 25, 2005

    Steamed Broccoli....Woo Hooo!...

    Just got up from my evening nap.....feelin' so groggy..hungry...feelin' like a zombie..Would have taken a nap earlier but I was fighting the temptation..was lying down on the couch watchin Lost..Cribs..I bet you will..Tool time..Worst case scenario..finally my eyes were shutting on me so i had to take a nap but still planned to get up at 6 to watch The Simpsons...unfortunately I got up too late...DOH!

    Yeah...Im on a strict diet..well kinda...I havta eat proper food and eat on time..No more fatty red meats! no more oily greasy stuff..no more this and that... no more siew pau's...arrgghhh!
    I havta say YES to greens...alot of greens...fruits...oatmeal...chicken's ok I guess.. damn! like I got the worst punishment ever, man! apparently I have a VERY High cholesterol level.. >6.2 is HIGH RISK..Mine's 7.15! and theres 2 more cholesterol types which are also above high risk...Great, man...Even the doc had this look on his face..If you'd see me, you'd think I need the FAT..*Think Adam (8TV host)..would you think he has cholesterol?...same case here...im 50 kgs...Atlease I know now..I wouldnt have seen 30 if I keep on to my old habits!

    My tummy's preety alright...no bacterial infection..which could have lead to cancer in the long run..there are some burns from the gastric..nothing major...I had a scope (telescopic cam) inserted into my tummy...surreal, man! I only remember a few seconds of what happened..I knocked out in an instant! I watched the video at home..It was 4 mins long..they even pinched tissue samples from the tummy..I didnt feel a bloody thing..and no! I dont think the video's gross..
    Also had a scope inserted thru my nose..that I felt but it wasnt painful..Was recommended to remove my tonsils..after hearing the procedure and the PAIN and discomfort involved for a week to two after the operation..I didnt hesitate to chicken out! The doc said "You'll hate me for a week, after that"...I opted for treatment instead..So now I have a couple of nasal sprays, one contains steroids..hope I dont start growing boobs...HA HA!

    Its kinda difficult adjusting but I think im getting along fine..so far..Havta get up earlier..take my medication..have breakfast..lunch at 1pm..dinner at 7pm...supper..Seems weird cause I normally dont eat that early..My parents are surprised cause Im asking for vegetarian dishes and fruits..HA HA!
    I just hope that the cholesterol reduces by atlease half of what it is now...I havta get back to jogging..haven't gone in about a week now..My motivation is getting to taste Beef..and Mc Donalds..and grilled meats..soon..well moderately anyways..

    Today The-G and I thought of driving down to Penang..but changed our mind and went to check out the newly refurbished Parkson..Looks preety cool..although more choices were added it still looks limited..well maybe just the guys section...theres always more stuff for chicks..why ar? It doesnt quite seem like the Mega Sale...maybe its different at Jusco..I dont know..Hey! why does Bumcity carry fake items? So lame man!..Why are there female sales assistants at the mens undergarment section??...eerrmmm..

    Check out the new x-files themed banner..Courtesy of Dwayne aka ~loon3y~..Thanks man!

    Anyhows It's dinner time...More yummy vegetarian stuff...and yay! no broccoli..


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