• Wednesday, July 13, 2005


    The-G and I finally decided to charge of our health, and planned to go for daily jog's....Great idea! I thought, since I've been wanting to do the same for sometime now....The-G suggested that we should start about 10am...I was like you "siao" (insane) ar ? the sun's not really good after 10am la! we should go 'bout 6.30am! .....so after some debating, we agreed on 7.30am....right!

    So on monday I actually woke up at 7am (i think), yeah! I know, surprised myself as well....but since The-G didnt call, I went back to sleep, and i finally woke up after 11am...There goes those great plans! hahhahah...Anyways I called up The-G and blamed him for not waking me up, and that I was eager to go, and yada yada yada....poor fella had just got up from sleep as well...pig!

    Anyhows i went over to The-G's place, and there he was watchin some crapo hindi serial...I was like....wtf! I suggested we take a drive to Teluk Batik, Lumut...hangout at the beach...The-G was up for it...so it was a rush to have lunch, to get the necessities, etc...planned to leave at 2pm so we could reach the beach just after 3pm....but as always plans never work out.....we finally left at 3pm! it was a 100km drive but still managed to reach Teluk Batik at 4.30pm.....could have arrived earlier,no thanks! to the narrow, truck filled trunk road!

    Alot of overtaking action on this small road

    We didn't really know what to expect of that place, cause the last I visited Teluk Batik was about 10 years ago, and surprisingly The-G has never ever been to that part of Malaysia before....geeezzz! where have you been, man? 10 years back, the place wasn't all that good, so we're just hopping for the best...

    To our joy and amazement, the place has improved tons.....Our timing was just right! *you see! impromptu trips always work out*

    The sun was just right, the water was warm, the water was CLEAR!, and there were only a handful of people on the beach since it was a monday...it was like having our own private beach...awesome! It was quiet, it was relaxing....but the sea water was helluva salty...too salty I reckon, but then i could be wrong....

    Warm, clear water

    "Deserted" Beach

    Later in the evening, The-G and I decided to visit the small town of Lumut, for dinner.....nay! not some famous seafood dinner...we visited that popular place...the one that has a branch in every nook and cranny....and to also check out the new jetty/marina area...which looks really good....

    This darn place...we cant seem to get away from

    Oh yeah! I also discovered ROCKAFELLA'S......"cafe del mar" concept and the most happening place in Lumut!..didn't go in though cause I was dead tired, besides the place looked dead, monday remember...

    but I did notice a sign that said "b.b.q every friday"....Sounds good! Planning to get together the group of college mates and head down to Rockafella's one fine friday.....

    There are alot more photos...I might post more up soon...Im trying to be anonymous....hahahha!


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    you dont live in ipoh do you?

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