• Saturday, July 09, 2005

    Bloody Middle Finger

    Very true indeed! Too strong, it influenced the can!!

    What the ......??

    "Bloody Middle Finger"...Literally...

    I cut my middle finger while opening a CAN OF GUINNESS!!

    Lessons Learned : -

    1. Guinness cans are "strong"
    2. My skin is baby soft!
    3. I hated Guinness before and i hate it even more now


    Anonymous vanessa said...

    guiness tastes like shit when you're sober, but once you've had a couple of your regular beers it goes down nice and smoooth. yeah man.
    i reckon Chilli's has great draft, during happy hour its pretty worth it. =P

    2:38 PM  
    Blogger paradoxx said...

    Yeah, you're absolutely right! once you're a bit "tipsy" everything goes down alright! cheers..

    3:12 PM  

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