• Thursday, June 09, 2005

    What a day!

    Saturday 04th June - Had to wake up early today, get ready for the apx 700 km journey (iph-KLia/KLia-Pg). Met my parents inlaws and we left iph bout 10 am...Me being a pig! fell a sleep half way...Woke up at tanjung malim where we stopped for breakfast...was surprising, the infrastructure at the rest area was pretty nice, and the washrooms were clean! So after a shot of teh tarik the pigieness in me sorta went away...hahahaa..Dwayne and I decided to watch a dvd, we watched "are we there yet?" for the rest of the journey...pretty farnee stuff, but the kids in the movie were sooooo killerble! pretty smooth journey all the way, unfortunate for the peepz heading north as the jam stretched many many many miles....
    We reached KLia before 1pm i guess...just in time cause Melissa had just arrived, we found our way to the arrival hall, and there she was! Couldnt see the gladness in her face at first at the sight of me, she was pretty dazed cause she left some stuff on board and was frantically trying to get it back....All turned out well thought cause she got back what she left and she noticed me.. :)
    We proceded to IKEA for some shopping and lunch...all i could care about was lunch! cause my tummy was alerting me by makin' weird sounds that it was empty! not farnee k....God! and the jam from One U was like hell, luckly we werent heading there, NOT as bad a jam at IKEA, but then had to wait for a table at the Restaurant..Finally got a space, got my roast beef, got my meatballs! Eat first, talk later!! hahahah.....
    After stuffing myself, Melissa, Dwayne, and I braved ourselfs to conquer the crowd at IKEA....after walkin, and walkin and walkin and browsing, and browsing, and browsing on the top floor only! Dwayne and I called it quits and decided to check out Ikano....SpongeBob was supposed to be there, we couldnt see anyone resembling spongebob at all...hahahhahaha... wait! we had nothin to do, not like we're fans or anything k! We went to Harvey Normans to check out some electronics..kinda dissapointing pretty small...Mac Shop...boring!....Then we discovered Pets Worlds or wateva its called...Still noticed alot of cruelty although the place looks nice...pitty all those dogs! i wish i could take them all home :(
    So we left KL about 7 pm....stopped in Sungai Buloh for some dinner..."tah pau"...i got a hotdog from a&w but how smart of them not to gimme tomato ketchup! WTF! who needs chillie sauce, every damn thing chillie sauce! so it was just the hot dog without any condiments....after a couple of pills for my flu, i knocked out...not because piggieness came back, the pills k! Melissa woke me up at iph cause i was snorring so badly they couldnt take it....but, but, " i didnt hear anything what!" says me....hahahahhaha...cant blame me...was breathing true my mouth....
    After iph, noticed that the "charge battery" warning light didnt wanna go out, but no one took it seriously.....3/4 the way to pg the battery was dying, all the lights were dimming...reached pg, but was basically driving without lights! we still had to cross the bridge.....A miracle i tell you! Our hopes we high, we made it right to the carpark and the auto box gave up!..Dwayne and i pushed the car into a bay that was right infront of us..thank GOD! :)
    Reached home...home sweet home....my tummy was acting weirdly, oh no! i know that feeling...GASTRIC!! after all that roast beef with black peppers and pepsi, on an empty tummy, it finally got to me :( had to munch down a couple of gastric pills this time..munch not swallow...yucks! what a day! what a day!


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