• Saturday, June 04, 2005

    Sick me!

    Sooo many days never report dee...malas to log on ler....Anyways, its a new month, hope for better things to come this month...dont eva want a repeat of the last couple of months.....So far o.k lah! but i've caught the FLU.....bloody FLU! damn the contaminator......my nose is blocked, my nose is leakin like a broken tap :( i hate fallin' sick, i hardly fall sick but when i do....ahh yah cannot tahan la! Got my hair cut today, went with my younger brother sumore, kinda bonding la..supposed to goto his barber but was closed so headed to my regular barber,my hair didnt turn out the way i wanted it to be, so now back to PUNK (view pic) style again, not that i dont like it, had it for a long time before, then changed style, now back there again....my brothers hair turned out fine, althought he had to instruct the guy how to cut, shaver setting, etc etc.....
    Tomorrows a big day, sick or not sick i havta go down to K.L to pick up my other half from the airport then head back north to Penang...luckly thought i dont havta drive, hitching a ride with my parents inlaws...So it'd be fun tomorrow....Melissa doesnt know im gonna be there....hhhehehheheh surprise surprise!


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