• Saturday, June 04, 2005

    Siau ar wei...

    did anyone read/hear bout the pyscho police dude who shot 3 losers then shot himself...?
    and it all happened in the mamak where we used to usually hang out.....would have really been interestin witnessing the clowns in action while having ur greasy,fatty morning dose of roti canai & nasi lemak....but i suppose alot of folks would have freaked out...Folks must be having mamak phobia now...even worst news for the said mamak...passed by it today n it was closed or maybe just because of friday prayers.
    I dont really fancy goin to the said mamak cause every time i order "mee goreng-tak mau pedas" i end up with something thats still spicy....yayayya say what u want! laugh la! i dont like mamak style pedas k.... :p
    me: tak mau pedas!
    mamak: sikit pun tak mau?
    me: jackass! tak mau means tak mau la! arrrggghhh
    anyways, theres a new mamak in the same area now, and it kicks ass! wide variety of food, including thai n western...."nasi goreng pataya" yam yam... :) so thats the new lepak joint now la...


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