• Friday, June 10, 2005

    Proton Savvy - Front

    Today I took a walk with a friend to the Proton Edar showroom in Greentown. Wanted to experience first hand what the Savvy was all about...been following the developments of the T.R.M so i already kinda knew basically what to expect, but still needed to check it out in real...verdict time!
    I've to say the car is small, but perfect for peepz my size...the smalest car to date from Proton!
    -First thing to hit me was, WOW! the black is awesome, not just metallic but it had a sanddust kinda shimmer (blue,red,green)...i've always liked that paintjob...
    -The build quality on the exterior is pretty tough, but dont expect too much though, obviously much better than the wira's and iswara's. I have to check out the MyVi to compare it against.
    -The front is HOT, even from the side, looks like a hot hatch...but the rear is dissapointing, expected, but really sucks in real! Because of the stupid design on the rear hatch lid..like whats up with that?! couldnt they just have streamlined the design, it would have looked better!
    -Interior trim is OK, not spacious, comparable to Kelisa I think..sitting in the drivers seat i can touch the passengers window by just stretching out my arm!
    -Can notice the Gen-2 styling in the interior, i HATE that sterring wheel!! Meter panel looks preety nice, nice gear knob, soft seats....
    My vote has always been towards the MyVi, simply cause i've greater faith in perodua's quality, and the 1.3 dvvt in the MyVi is Hot, compared to the 1.2 lame ass stuff in the Savvy! besides the bodykits for the MyVi are awesome (TRD, WALD, etc)
    but I still have to check out the MyVi in person to compare both this cars....


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