• Friday, June 17, 2005


    Whats been goin with Paradoxx this fast few days?
    Well, besides gettin' a gastric attack and suffering on monday, Yes! monday! (Monday no wonder you're notoriously known as the day EVERYONE hates)..whats been new, man?
    Nothin actually, nothin at all.....How come some peepz can write sooooo long one ah?, but then some peepz can only manage to write 3 lines....you know or not ?!
    Where do I fall in then? I sure as hell am better than a 3 liner but not quite there to "sooooo long" yet.... Huh! What? Does it matter? Long or short?
    I dont think it matters, For one, its awesome as it is cause i get to rant & rant & rant for free, and i might even have a small audience.
    Second, its not like we're measuring ("we" as in you girls out there) how long is enough to satisfy and how short is inadequte (haha! dont act stupid k, y'all know what im talkin bout!)
    This is supposed to be about me, not some essay writting competion or crap like that, I'm not writting an article for a world audience...I hope to learn alot from this, to totally improve my writting skills, its been soo long, so rusted (sudah karat!) as some would say...
    Yesterday, after talking to some peepz on mine, i felt sooo nausiated i totally lost it! My brain was semi functioning, i had noo feelings at all....The Mafia inside me seriously was on the verge of coming out (ala Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hyde).....WHat happened la?? Why so suddently??
    Well after speaking to one of my contacts at the coffee bean, i got to know that the bloody incident that happened just before i left hasn't been resolved yet.....Matters regarding this incident and the one before this were still fresh in my mind but tucked away in some dark corner of my mind, and suddently like a quick orgasm, that same hidden away memory is back and is numbing my mind and body.....
    Both incidents involve theft, the lost of sales monies from the outlet....The first time it was unluckly me, I was the last person to close the outlet (thus the last person to keep the monies in the safe) and was THE first person to open the outlet. An hour or so after setting up the outlet, i opened the safe and to my freakin' astonishment one bag containing part of the previous days sales monies were missing....God! Everything was a blur! Everything was a mess!!
    2 out of the other 3 managers we're so confident that i misplaced the bag of money, no police report was lodged, there were no security measured at the outlet, the district & operations manager came after 3 days to investigate, and suggested to make a police report! after 3 bloody days!! I disagreed cause it was a waste of time, even if i've made a report on the first day, the cops couldnt have done anything, cause there were no signs of break in what so ever...but to think of it I should have atlease made a report, for my own sake. *duh!*
    No signs of break in? how then?? only 4 of us managers hold the outlet keys and know the combination to the safe...... interesting aint it ?
    So being the nice guy i am, *stupid* i took full responsibility for it, and agreed to pay back the missing moolah in a week, which i did without fail in cash....and so with that I gave my 1
    month resignation notice....more like "in your face, muthafuckas!"
    *note- they didnt even wanna gimme a letter acknowledging me for payin'*
    Cause this was like the last straw for me, after all those shits and shit heads at work, "dumb
    fucks" would suit them better....im preety thick skin so i'd go to work dowhat i've to do, "see those fuckin faces" make them hate/envy me even more and go home, i could have continued doing that, but when u cant trust the dumb fucks you work with, whats the use??!!
    Now, forward to the last week of my job, right exactly one month since the last incident....This time i wasnt the jackass...This time a dumb fuck was (and is) the jack ass! same ol' story, he had
    closed the outlet and was the lucky one to open the outlet the following morning (unfortunately with me). BUT mr dumb fuck being the "smart" fuck he is went in half an hour earlier! work starts at 9 so i'd leave 10 mins to 9, dumb fuck calls me up before that (me, still at home) blabbering something bout the outlet got broken into....
    So when i arrived there, i noticed the door wasnt broken into, the safe door was dismantled to make it look like it was broken into (but you need the combination to open the door first then remove it) idiot! You dont need to be a C.S.I addict to know that....
    I was so glad, i mean glad beyond glad, there was a glow on my face!! hahahahhah it couldnt have happened to a better person!! dont believe me the first time eh....Deja Vu and its the weekends sales monies.....like what goes around comes around, sucker!
    Anyways we proceded to make a police report, this time operation manager n shit came earlier, same shits no security measures at the outlet...
    "i had my alibi and all i said was "no one believed when it happened to me, ya'll dont have any surveilance, anyone could have done it" with a smile :)
    a few days later on my last freakin day at work, i was called up with "IS" and mr. dumb fuck (IS is a friend of mine, former manager as well) to be interrogated by the cops....wah lan! scared ar?..."balls! who's scared" i didnt do anything!!
    It was preety gruelling for dumb fuck anyway cause i could hear a group of cops yelling n shit at him...he's testimony was all cluttered and wrong, he couldnt stick to one...even accused me of finding the outlet broken into first and not him!
    For me was preety sedate cause my lawyer was on call, so the cops were preety polite...it even came to a point where they wanted to remand us, but fortunately none of us got remanded...*that would have been an experience* would have loved to see dumb fuck become someones bitch in theres... lol!
    You ask, why only 3 out of 4 managers being called, why arent the other staff interrogated as well...exactly! i wont get into that...
    Now a couple of months after, i hear that dumb fuck has been promoted to asst. manager *pukes* yes! after all that...Dumb fuck didnt havta pay back a single cent of the lost money...how come? The insurance company didnt wanna compensate cause there was no signs of break in...the cops are convinced it was an inside job....the case is still hanging, its not closed...
    What nausiated me the most was that my name is still popping up together with "IS"..... they still actually have the guts to believe that both or either one of us did it!! it spoilt my whole fucking day yesterday....With all that rage and lack or security, "IS" and I are suspected to
    have done it *how unfortunate for us* , but we aint fuckin cheepos, our families are well to do! We know the consequences of doing shit like that, we've never done shit like that or will we ever be doing shit like that!! just that you'll know.
    theres a whole lot more to the contoversy which i wont get into...its too long & for legal purposes...
    Cofee Bean is such a dumb fuck company managed by a bigger bunch of DUMB FUCKS!! in Malaysia anyway....Malaysia boleh! remember...
    As for me the idea of getting a "hitman" to mess up dumb fuck and some other shits there sounds sweet =) .....while i still formulate an action plan to recover the money that ive paid....


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    mind the language plz..hehe

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    U are definitely bi curious.

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