• Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    Deja vu

    Looks messy, i know! Posted by Hello

    After having a good nights sleep, i woke up after 11 am yesterday.....what?! ok woh, not too late.... :P neways after doing what i needed to do (nothin important actually, just the usual piggin' round) about 2 pm my tummy was warning me, it was empty!!!
    SO ok i headed out to get some food, i thought KFC, but then didnt feel like it, my taste buds were tellin' me Nasi Goreng Pataya...ok good choice i thought! Wheres the best place to get Nasi Goreng Pataya..? aha Nasmir Mamak, so i drove there and to my astonishment they dont sell it during lunch! AAAArrrrggghhhhh!!! Ok la nevermind i'll just try Nasi Kandar...
    Mamak: Nasi putih or briyani...? (white or briyani rice? *flavored rice cooked with stock, vege, spices, etc*)
    Me: Briyani..Bungkus.....Ada ayam madu? (Briyani, to go...do you have honey chicken?)
    Mamak: *smile* shows me a drumstick....
    Me: Thumbs up....
    Mamak: apa kuah? (what gravy do you want?)
    Me: Pointing finger, kuah Madu *wah! luckly he didnt put a bit of every curry* (honey gravy)
    Me: Ada apa sayur? (what types of vege do you have?)
    Mamak: bagi you kubis dan nenas... (I'll give you cabbage & pineapple)
    Me: Thumbs up....*wah! can read my mind ah*
    Mamak: apa lagi? (what else?)
    Me: Kambing ? (mutton?)
    Mamak: *smile* packed my food, gave me a receipt
    Ok so pretty satisfied, i headed to the counter... it was 8 bucks! like what!! i mean ok la preety well, since i took briyani, chicken & mutton.... Now i experience it first hand, cause ive heard bout paying 10 or 12 bucks for nasi kandar, but never experienced it.....so now i kinda have.... lol!
    How was the food, you ask? was it worth it? well, chicken was nice, mutton was boneless with minimum fat (just the way i like it), but the briyani could have been better (it was kinda mild).....I still feel Ehsan Mamak in ampang has good briyani with ayam madu...
    And now for the DEJA VU part........a couple hours after having my food, i got that eerie feelin' in my tummy....oh no! could it be? it cant be happening!! darn got a gastric attack again!!! apparently i took too long to get food and i got the wrong stuff.... omg!
    i was trying to witstand the pain and discomfort for soo long, even took a nap (NO! not cause im a piggie!) to forget bout the pain, hoping it'd go away! i was wrong...
    about 6 pm i couldnt take it anymore, made myself a cereal drink..... luckly my mom was on the way back, she got me some gastric pills.....i chewed 3 in lightning speed!! Much better now but still feels kinda weird although it doesnt hurt...
    Im so affraid now cause its been years since my gastric days, and now it seems to be coming back to haunt me.....Im vowing to myself to eat more frequently and take care of my tummy.....


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