• Friday, June 10, 2005

    Darn Dogs

    My white dog is turning grey! i ain't kidding.... lol!
    Since my poor beetle *sob* *sob* is grounded at the porch, my "smart" dogs have found a new hiding/hangout (more like sleeping) place under the car!
    theres black oil residue on the bottom part of the engine, cause i havent serviced the engine since i accquired the car....So my bloody dog gets black oil stains everytime he gets beneeth the car...How you ask? Remember classic VW's have rear engines that sit low to the ground....
    Cant he feel the greese sticking on him??? arrrgghhhh.....Im not even gonna bother to give him a bath....yet, maybe when i really have nothin to do :)
    You think he'll realise whats happenin, he'll learn a lesson? i doubt! luckly the other dog is black....
    Im even worried, affraid actually.....wonder if they're up to no good beneeth the car...they could be chewing on some hoses and cable...GOD! i dare not imagine....they better not be!!! *my dogs are "evil" they enjoy killin cats that tresspass our property*
    Why dont i just move the car? well i would if only the battery was still intact....My bro took it out to place it in my dads car cause apparently his battery died....So now i gotta get a battery back (im so anxious to get the car started, i miss even hearing the sound of it)
    but if i park my beetle in the garden it'll be baking under the "oh so lovely" Malaysian SUN, and if i park it under the shade at the back, i know the dogs will relocate with the car....
    Looks like the dogs win! but they better not be up to no good under my car!


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