• Tuesday, June 28, 2005

    Its 12 am..im sittin here with my trusty pc...all alone..it's peaceful...sorta relaxing...i guess...
    Been workin' like an "ahbeng" chinaman burning audio cd's for my brother...
    He suddently gave me a whole bunch to burn..."i need it by wednesday"....huh!...and mind you he's my younger bro...i still have bout 5 or 6 more to burn....maybe i'll just charge him for it! maybe i wont considering his handed down pc is from the stone ages....I still remember back in '97, if you had a 200mhz Pentium MMX, you were at the cuttin' age of technology, or so....hahahahhaha! unbelievable!
    Anyhows....my nose is still killin me'....breathing thru my mouth is a norm now! I seriously need to visit the doc tomorrow.....Im considering goin for a medical checkup...God! knows what could be wrong with me....Dad suggested i get admitted and go thru the tests...maybe i will, one of this days...But i somehow believe its the bloody malaysian weather!! why do we always have to be diffrent, ar? fuckin' weather...its so mo'fo' HOT and DRY, then it rains like crap..dusty...hazy..and the list goes on....arrgghhh!
    Its monday night, im supposed to be watchin' comedies on tele....Comedy Mondays on Star remember...I was nappin earlier so i missed the premiers....Thought ill be able to watch the repeats but now my dad is hoggin' the tele...which is unsual! Should have just installed the tele that was supposed to go into my room..aarrrggghh!! i wanted to do it today, sincerely...but then i've been wantin to do it ever since i quit my job....what could be so difficult ?? I sincerely wanted to clean my room as well today....but i kept tellin myself "i cant do this alone"..hello!! who in their right mind is gonna help you clean your room ?? I might atlease try takin' the effort tommorrow...do my laundry as well...yes! i've been doin my own laundry for years....

    Messed up bed...the dices "rawk" though!

    Tryin' to carpet my floor with clothes!

    *sorry for the sucky pics*

    Im off to my pirate duties...burning cd's *hey! it's ok cause im malaysian* Good health to me! God help me! straighten things out....

    "God helps those who help themself" my dad says that often....eerrrmmmm....

    Monday, June 27, 2005


    Its almost 2am....i dont feel like going to sleep....just yet anyway...It's quiet, its peaceful, i feel at ease, except for my dogs barkin now & then at God knows what and that bloody mosquito flying 'round me....sqqquuaaassshhh!!!
    I seem to be able to stay up late, ever since i quit my job but i just cant seem to to get out of bed early....early not as in 6 or 7 am, 9am is pretty sufficient enough....Every morning my day starts at 'bout 11am...which pretty much sucks!
    For the past hour, i've been reading some blogs, checked my mails...the usual, nothin to reply, just plenty of spam to delete....arrggghh!! Played some pool @ Yahoo! Games....won some then started loosin' which made me just wanna quit!!
    I know its been an hour cause the Benny Benassi album *all 17 tracks* i've been listening to stopped....Track 1 is starting to play again.....* i think i'll keep it goin'..the bass will keep me awake*
    Pool is exactly just like...life....there's good days and there's bad days....one moment you're the "pool king" *so you think* and the next you start loosin' every single game and precious points, which is sooo depressing just like life....Depressing only when you start loosin' otherwise life is helluva nice, so i think so...
    Im down to track 7 now....im not actually paying any attention to the music, its just playin' softly in the background...The thing with Benny Benassi is that all 17 tracks sound the same....they carry the same musical theme thru all the tracks...
    Anyways, atlease they know where they're heading...as for me im still lost...i dont know where im heading, what life holds for me, whats in store for the future, the whole works.....you know....
    As much as i wanna take things easy, which i am pretty much doin now...i know i still have high expectations on life and whats it got stored for me....i dont want anything less than the best for me...second best will not do....! Almost 3 months since i left my job....almost the end of june....i havent done anything great..havent achieved anything....
    I have all the time in the world now, but i dont know what to do with it, what to make of it....freakin weird man...when you dont have the time, you seem to have tons to do and here i am with precious time but nothin' to do....arrgghhh!!
    • I could be working out, carrying weights at home atlease...but i dont do it
    • I could go for daily jogs....which would do me good....but i dont do it
    • I havent changed my identification card to the "smart" mykad.....it still spots a black & white pic *for those who know, you know how old that is*
    • I could wash my cars, which was last washed bout a month ago.....but i dont do it
    • I could clean my room...oh! the dust!...but i dont do it
    • I could install a tv and my playstation in the room...but i dont do it
    You see...it's soo ironic, this life of mine.......why cant i get to doing all those stuff....
    my body is so out of shape *not to mention my life*.....i feel like im rotting away..i feel older than i should be....i feel sick....i dont know if im currently gettin a flu...hates it! hates it! my right nostril isnt functioning at the moment.....ironically i dont smoke, and only drink occasionally..when out with a group of peepz, which doesnt happen often...
    God! enough of this self pitty..actually wait im not pittying myself..........i just dont know what to make out of this situation.....i sincerely believe everything happens for a reason, but i really want everything to be good if not awesome again....
    I think ill stop.....i dont know what im writting about...this music isn't makin' any sense anymore..i dont think im makin' any sense myself...i better just hit the sack....

    Saturday, June 25, 2005

    Wednesday, 22nd June

    Was nicely enjoying my sleep on a wednesday morning, then suddently my phone starts ringin', man! who could it be la?? It was Gill my friend! The guy woke me up cause he wanted me to accompany him to his insurance providers office.....

    Me: man! im sleepin!
    Gill: Ar! its 11 am la wei!
    Me: Yes ar?! You wanna go now ar?
    Gill: OK la! make it 12pm then...

    Fine, I somehow got out of bed, washed up and headed to Gill's place...and you know what the guy wasn't ready to go! He's like we'll go after lunch, i'll call you....
    Alright! cool! i'll go get some lunch then, call me when you're done.....So i went and got some char siew chicken rice *1 of the best* and headed home...

    Finally The-G calls, and out we went *The beginning of an adventure, unknowingly*....
    First, to the insurance providers. The-G is headin' to the states soon so he wanted to know if he's gonna be covered over there, apparently they only cover one for a period of 3 month! lol! great man! The-G was fuckin' pissed hahahaa! and I was gonna have the priviledge of enjoying The-G bitch bout it for the rest of the evening....Fortunately it didn't last that long... :-)

    The-G was like lets get a drink *no no! no alcohol involved, The-G doesn't "drink"*, so i suggested "Joe! lets go to The Lost World".....alright, so we headed to Sunway City to have a "drink" at the Lost World's cafe called "waves"...More like hyped up cafeteria, and pathethic cause whats up with "waves" when the place looks like something from Indiana Jones!

    After "drinks" we drove round the area abit, cause i was itching to just drive! Was tellin' The-G bout my fetish of just wanting to drive and drive and drive since monday and suddently *boom* Einstein would have been proud kinda moment....I was like joe, wanna drive down to Penang....and this was just after 4pm...The-G was like no prob with me....
    "Al, you're a genius" so headed home, got a quick shave, showered, and off we went, it was 5pm now...

    We took the highway halfway to Taiping, got off cause we wanted to try the old trunk road *also because we'll only have to pay half the price for toll* The trunk road was cool, interesting sites of villages and old skool towns, but was hell of a long cause it was rush hour after work and school...Normally it'll just take me 1 1/2 hours from Iph to Pg Island....This time it took us 30 mins to Taiping and 2 hours from Taiping to Pg Island! But kinda worth it i guess, learnt a new way to Pg *can save cost mah!* Oh yeah, we also managed to witness a truck lying on its side...

    Is he trying to show the "finger"?

    Overturned Truck, Part of it anyway

    Gill you suck at takin pictures man! hahahha

    So anyway, met MEL in pg, but she couldnt follow us for dinner, cause she had helluva lot of work to get done....sad! but nevermind la, my fault cause i surprised her, if only she'd knew i was comin down...But Dwayne followed The-G and me out for dinner and then to Batu Feringgi....The-G wanted to do some shopping...Batu Feringgi one of the best places to shop, besides clothing and arrrggghhh! LV bags *so pantang!* I nearly bought a pair of shades, the ones from the 80's, the ones you'd catch Burt Reynolds wearing...hahah lol! The-G was more than happy at the sight of all those "white chicks"hahah!

    After all that we headed back after midnight, decided to just hit the highway all the way, i was so freakin tired, afterall i was the one driving, The-G was just enjoying the view! Halfway thru though i switched places with The-G...... So you be the driver now!

    Cruisin' at the speed of sound

    The longest tunnel in Malaysia

    Fun, spontanious day!! Now knowing the old trunk road i can fulfill my fetish for driving whenever i want to....althought no more surprises for Mel....Which she will be more than happy bout...

    Gill maybe we should try Genting before you leave?? Unplanned ofcourse! ;=)

    Monday, June 20, 2005

    1pm ar....

    Monday oh monday! the day's almost over and what have i accomplished today ? *drumroll* tada! nothin...maybe something.....i dont know....as usual :-D
    I got up at 1pm today......DONT discriminate me, callin' me a "piggie".....Listen first la, before you jump to conclusions!!
    The reason i got up at 1pm was justified, i needed 8 hours of sleep atlease....i went to bed at 5am!! nah!!! next time dont simply lable peepz, ok..!
    Was watchin the tele from sunday night......first up was The Apprentice 3, then Oprah Prime Time plus channel surfing Newlyweds, then Punk'D......
    was waiting in anticipation for the U.S Grand Prix @ Indianapolis........which started before 2am..
    The most pathethic race in the history of Formula One, and the lamest race i've ever watched...but since i waited up for it, heck! i decided to just keep my eyes open and watch....
    There were only 6 cars starting the race....Ferrari, Jordan, and Minardi...!!! The other 14 cars decided to forfeit the race because of safety reasons....They didnt wanna jeopardies their drivers lifes by running the race...
    You see, the reason the other teams forfeited was because their tyre manufacturer (Michelin)
    advised the teams not to race saying it couldn't vouch for the safety of its tires....Ferrari, Jordan and Minardi were the only ones still keepin' faith with Bridgestone!
    SO Great!! Millions of fans felt cheated....Esspecially those present at the circuit, imagine all those folks local or international who paid soo much and traveled great distances! Well even, yours truely (watching at home) felt so disgusted...hahahha!
    SO even from the start, we knew it was gonna be a Ferrari one - two...No action, No drama, No fun...Couldnt get to see Montoya loose!! Well atlease a Ferrari won, Would have loved it if Barrichello won! but it was Michael's first win of the season anyway....Those other 4 cars were 2 to 3 laps behind respectively.....lol! simply pathethic...
    After the race, decided to watch GOLF for a while, the U.S Open is going on (if you didnt already know).....decided to hit the sack before sun rise.....Then the next thing i know its 1pm la!!
    Watched more tele today, lazed around, looked at myself.... there was like a carpet of hair on my neck, under my chin....i hate it when my face looks soo un-neat!! I actually need to shave every otherday, but i hate shaving those stubs, and kinda "malas" la, so i try to do it once every 2 days atlease.....So shave away i did, while listening to Renee Olstead
    Then i got my boyish 12 year old looks again... hahah :-D
    Renee Olstead?! who's that la.....aiyoooo!! If you peepz listen to jazz y'all will know la.... she has such an awesome voice, and she sings covers of oldies (jazz numbers)
    Renee Olstead...eeeerrrmmm sounds familiar la!!
    Yes, sir! She is familiar or famous rather....If you watch Comedy Mondays on Star World...She acts as "Lauren" in "Still Standing"! ohhhh!! Now you know!!
    Earlier in the evening, my friend "P" or should i call him "Gill" and I went out for some dinner, we went to some roadside stall serving "chicken chop rice"...*plain white rice, with deep fried chicken pieces, sausages, ham, deep fried egg, and special gravy (which is orange in color)* Cause the damn gravy is made of chille sauce *arrrggghhh* tomato sauce as well maybe and a whole 1kg bag of AJINOMOTO...OMG!!! as if chillie sauce wasnt enough, one whole bag of ajinomoto.....ajinomoto being MSG (monosodium Glutamate)....and you ought to know that aint good at all.... i Saw the guy dumping it into the gravy pot....gotta keep away from that stall, man!
    as usual sitting "al-fresco" style, then it suddently started pouring....*rain la!*
    so we headed to Jusco (mall) which was nearby....since i havent been there in a couple of months *since my working days based in Jusco* and "P" wanted to check out what to buy since he'll be leaving for The States in a couple of months (Montana State Uni).....Nothin new in Jusco....same boring stuff.....
    We went to a mobile phone shop cause "P" wanted to sell his mobile before he left, we came out laughing our arses off cause the guy offered to take "P's" phone for only 60 bucks....lol! its a colour screen motorola...
    we walked around summore....then headed to a winter clothing store....came out laughing our arses off again cause the 3 chinese sales girls couldnt really communicate in ENGLISH....i asked for some recommendations for winter clothing (like wool cardigans, sweaters, etc) and all they could recommend were huge, thick jackets!! thanks, but no thanks....anyways we walked round the store and found what we're lookin for....
    Before heading home we had to stop by the electronics section to "drool" at some plasma teles....
    Also managed to stop by the cofee bean to meet up with some of my former staff...*those jokers!* miss working with 'em...
    Ok what! pretty interesting monday, dont you think?
    Maybe i'll wash my cars tomorrow...lol!!

    Friday, June 17, 2005


    Whats been goin with Paradoxx this fast few days?
    Well, besides gettin' a gastric attack and suffering on monday, Yes! monday! (Monday no wonder you're notoriously known as the day EVERYONE hates)..whats been new, man?
    Nothin actually, nothin at all.....How come some peepz can write sooooo long one ah?, but then some peepz can only manage to write 3 lines....you know or not ?!
    Where do I fall in then? I sure as hell am better than a 3 liner but not quite there to "sooooo long" yet.... Huh! What? Does it matter? Long or short?
    I dont think it matters, For one, its awesome as it is cause i get to rant & rant & rant for free, and i might even have a small audience.
    Second, its not like we're measuring ("we" as in you girls out there) how long is enough to satisfy and how short is inadequte (haha! dont act stupid k, y'all know what im talkin bout!)
    This is supposed to be about me, not some essay writting competion or crap like that, I'm not writting an article for a world audience...I hope to learn alot from this, to totally improve my writting skills, its been soo long, so rusted (sudah karat!) as some would say...
    Yesterday, after talking to some peepz on mine, i felt sooo nausiated i totally lost it! My brain was semi functioning, i had noo feelings at all....The Mafia inside me seriously was on the verge of coming out (ala Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hyde).....WHat happened la?? Why so suddently??
    Well after speaking to one of my contacts at the coffee bean, i got to know that the bloody incident that happened just before i left hasn't been resolved yet.....Matters regarding this incident and the one before this were still fresh in my mind but tucked away in some dark corner of my mind, and suddently like a quick orgasm, that same hidden away memory is back and is numbing my mind and body.....
    Both incidents involve theft, the lost of sales monies from the outlet....The first time it was unluckly me, I was the last person to close the outlet (thus the last person to keep the monies in the safe) and was THE first person to open the outlet. An hour or so after setting up the outlet, i opened the safe and to my freakin' astonishment one bag containing part of the previous days sales monies were missing....God! Everything was a blur! Everything was a mess!!
    2 out of the other 3 managers we're so confident that i misplaced the bag of money, no police report was lodged, there were no security measured at the outlet, the district & operations manager came after 3 days to investigate, and suggested to make a police report! after 3 bloody days!! I disagreed cause it was a waste of time, even if i've made a report on the first day, the cops couldnt have done anything, cause there were no signs of break in what so ever...but to think of it I should have atlease made a report, for my own sake. *duh!*
    No signs of break in? how then?? only 4 of us managers hold the outlet keys and know the combination to the safe...... interesting aint it ?
    So being the nice guy i am, *stupid* i took full responsibility for it, and agreed to pay back the missing moolah in a week, which i did without fail in cash....and so with that I gave my 1
    month resignation notice....more like "in your face, muthafuckas!"
    *note- they didnt even wanna gimme a letter acknowledging me for payin'*
    Cause this was like the last straw for me, after all those shits and shit heads at work, "dumb
    fucks" would suit them better....im preety thick skin so i'd go to work dowhat i've to do, "see those fuckin faces" make them hate/envy me even more and go home, i could have continued doing that, but when u cant trust the dumb fucks you work with, whats the use??!!
    Now, forward to the last week of my job, right exactly one month since the last incident....This time i wasnt the jackass...This time a dumb fuck was (and is) the jack ass! same ol' story, he had
    closed the outlet and was the lucky one to open the outlet the following morning (unfortunately with me). BUT mr dumb fuck being the "smart" fuck he is went in half an hour earlier! work starts at 9 so i'd leave 10 mins to 9, dumb fuck calls me up before that (me, still at home) blabbering something bout the outlet got broken into....
    So when i arrived there, i noticed the door wasnt broken into, the safe door was dismantled to make it look like it was broken into (but you need the combination to open the door first then remove it) idiot! You dont need to be a C.S.I addict to know that....
    I was so glad, i mean glad beyond glad, there was a glow on my face!! hahahahhah it couldnt have happened to a better person!! dont believe me the first time eh....Deja Vu and its the weekends sales monies.....like what goes around comes around, sucker!
    Anyways we proceded to make a police report, this time operation manager n shit came earlier, same shits no security measures at the outlet...
    "i had my alibi and all i said was "no one believed when it happened to me, ya'll dont have any surveilance, anyone could have done it" with a smile :)
    a few days later on my last freakin day at work, i was called up with "IS" and mr. dumb fuck (IS is a friend of mine, former manager as well) to be interrogated by the cops....wah lan! scared ar?..."balls! who's scared" i didnt do anything!!
    It was preety gruelling for dumb fuck anyway cause i could hear a group of cops yelling n shit at him...he's testimony was all cluttered and wrong, he couldnt stick to one...even accused me of finding the outlet broken into first and not him!
    For me was preety sedate cause my lawyer was on call, so the cops were preety polite...it even came to a point where they wanted to remand us, but fortunately none of us got remanded...*that would have been an experience* would have loved to see dumb fuck become someones bitch in theres... lol!
    You ask, why only 3 out of 4 managers being called, why arent the other staff interrogated as well...exactly! i wont get into that...
    Now a couple of months after, i hear that dumb fuck has been promoted to asst. manager *pukes* yes! after all that...Dumb fuck didnt havta pay back a single cent of the lost money...how come? The insurance company didnt wanna compensate cause there was no signs of break in...the cops are convinced it was an inside job....the case is still hanging, its not closed...
    What nausiated me the most was that my name is still popping up together with "IS"..... they still actually have the guts to believe that both or either one of us did it!! it spoilt my whole fucking day yesterday....With all that rage and lack or security, "IS" and I are suspected to
    have done it *how unfortunate for us* , but we aint fuckin cheepos, our families are well to do! We know the consequences of doing shit like that, we've never done shit like that or will we ever be doing shit like that!! just that you'll know.
    theres a whole lot more to the contoversy which i wont get into...its too long & for legal purposes...
    Cofee Bean is such a dumb fuck company managed by a bigger bunch of DUMB FUCKS!! in Malaysia anyway....Malaysia boleh! remember...
    As for me the idea of getting a "hitman" to mess up dumb fuck and some other shits there sounds sweet =) .....while i still formulate an action plan to recover the money that ive paid....

    Wednesday, June 15, 2005

    Malaysia's Flying Sikh might be driving for another country

    Malaysia's most successful rally duo.
    Posted by Hello

    Karamjit Singh-Allen Oh are Malaysia's most successful rally duo, having won the 2002 World Rally Championship production car title and three-time overall winners of the Asia-Pacific Rally Championships.

    Karamjit is seriously contemplating taking up an offer to drive for a foreign team.
    This is what the MAN has to say:-

    I have received offers from two factory teams and I have had initial discussions with them. But I can only say more after I finalise a deal. I hope that everything could be sorted out before the year is over.
    If a deal goes through, I will get to continue racing in the production car category of the World Rally Championships (WRC) and defend my overall title in the Asia-Pacific Rally Championships. I understand that the organisers of the WRC are willing to give me special consideration and extend the closing date of entries to Dec 15. The teams who have made me offers will be using factory cars and that will present me with fresh challenges.
    I may have to bring in my own sponsors as well. But I am certainly keeping my options open. I have no intention to quit yet because I feel I can still race at the top level for five years more.

    My first choice will be to continue driving for a Malaysian-backed team. That was the reason for staying with the Petronas Eon Racing Team (PERT) for the last 17 years. But the team will cease operations at the end of the year.
    Getting sponsors have been the big problem. If there is sponsorship overseas, why should I discard the opportunity? We had to raise money to complete the last two rounds of the APRC in China (Oct) and India (Dec).
    I thought that after winning the Rally of Japan in September, we would not have any problem raising sponsorship. But that was not the case. It was only through the government that we secured the backing to compete in China. For that, we are very grateful indeed.

    A lot of people overseas have asked me why we still find it so hard to get sponsors at home even though we have won the production car world title. And we are the only Asians to have done so.
    They thought it should not be a problem because the sponsors get (advertising) mileage each time we take the car out. I am an A-seeded driver and I start out at the front. Therefore TV coverage is not the problem. I just don't know what to tell them. I appreciate that people outside the country are more appreciative of us. For example, India-based JK Tyres, who have chipped in with some sponsorship for the last two rounds

    Having to deal with the uncertainties was also a reason that prompted Allen to decide to quit. For my new partner, I would prefer him to be a Malaysian. A few people, including foreigners, have approached me. The first few races next season will be a learning process for me. I have to adjust to working with a new partner."

    Alot of comments and dissatisfactions actually have been voiced concerning this matter. refer
  • PaulTan

  • Malaysians have been and are very mad concerning the fate of our Flying Sikh....I myself have voiced my 2 cents worth at paultan.org...
    Alot of us were blamming race as the major issue and the whole lot of red tape at the govt...but after reading what Karamjit had to say, it's good to know atlease the govt did help him and Allen secure sponsorship to compete in china! But thats not gonna do, the govt should go the WHOLE 9 YARDS!!!
    Does Malaysia actually wanna loose a true Champion that has proven his worth numerous times?? I for one wouldn't wanna see that happening!

    here are some rants from
  • PaulTan.org

  • Well we hope ur sponsorship problem gets remedied soon by Malaysians be it by the govt or ngo's ...If it doesnt we wish you all the best with whatever direction you choose....Mr. Karamjit, You'll always be a TRUE MALAYSIAN CHAMPION!!

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    Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    Ass Like That

    The way you shake it, I can't believe it
    I ain't never seen an - ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my pee-pee go
    I don't believe it, it's almost to good to be true
    I ain't never seen a - ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my pee-pee go

    The way she moves, she's like a belly-dancer
    She's shaking that ass to the new Nelly jams
    I think someone's at the door but I don't think I'ma answer
    Police saying FREEZE - D-DOING DOING DOING
    What do you mean freeze? Please, I'm a human being
    I have needs, I'm not done, not til I'm finished peeing
    I am not resisting arrest, I am agreeing Mr. Officer, I'm already on my knees
    I can't get on the ground any further, it's impossible for me
    And do not treat me like a murderer, I just like to pee
    Pee, pee, yes, I make R&B
    I sing song, it go Ring-a-Chong, a-Ching-Chong-Chong-Chong-Ching
    Psych I joke, I joke, I keed, I keed!
    If I offend, I'm sorry, please please forgive
    For I am Triumph the Puppet Dog, I am a mere puppet
    I can get away anything I say and you will love it!

    The way you shake it, I can't believe it
    I ain't never seen an - ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my pee-pee go
    Jessica Simpson, looks oh so tempting
    Nick I ain't never seen a - ass like that
    Everytime I see that show on MTV my pee-pee goes

    Mary Kate and Ashley used to be so handsome
    Now they getting older, they're starting to grow bum-bums
    I go to the movies and sit down with my popcorn
    Police saying FREEZE - D-DOING DOING DOING
    What do you mean, freeze? GEEZ, I just got my seat
    I have ticket, look I put it away, my zipper's zipped
    Please do not remove me from this movie theatre, please
    I did not even get to see, Mary Kate's shower scene
    I didn't mean to be obscene or make a great big scene
    And don't treat me like I'm Pee Wee Herman, this movie's PG
    Mr. Officer, I demand to see my attorney
    I will simple plead innocent, cop a plea, and be free
    Free, yes free, right back on the streets
    What you mean my lawyer's with Michael, he's too busy?
    I am Triumph, Britney Spears has shoulders like a man
    And I can say that and you'll laugh cause there's a puppet on my hand

    The way you shake it, I can't believe it
    I ain't never seen an - ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my pee-pee go
    Hilary Duff is, not quite old enough soI ain't never seen her - butt like that
    Maybe next year I'll say ass and she'll make my pee-pee go

    The way she moves she dances like a go-go
    In that video she sings get out your puzzle
    I need a new boyfriend, hi my name is JoJo
    Police saying FREEZE - D-DOING DOING DOING
    What do you mean freeze? My computers will be seized
    And my keys, to my ranch, I just bake cookies
    Mr. Officer, lookie, take a whiff of this
    Here, I make Jesus juice, take a sip of this
    Nobody is safe from me, no not even me
    I don't even know if I can say the word pee-pee
    Pee, on the radio but I think I did
    Janet is that a breast? I think I just saw a tit
    Psych I joke, I joke, I keed, I keed
    I don't think my joke is working, I must flee quick!
    Get to the chopper, everybody get out
    I am not Triumph, I am Ah-nuld, get dowwwn!

    The way you shake it, I can't believe it
    I ain't never seen an - ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my pee-pee go
    So Gwen Stefani, will you pee-pee on me please
    I ain't never seen a - ass like that
    Cause the way you move it, you make my pee-pee go

    Eminem's latest single from Encore.....freakin' funny stuff, check out the video clip!

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    Deja vu

    Looks messy, i know! Posted by Hello

    After having a good nights sleep, i woke up after 11 am yesterday.....what?! ok woh, not too late.... :P neways after doing what i needed to do (nothin important actually, just the usual piggin' round) about 2 pm my tummy was warning me, it was empty!!!
    SO ok i headed out to get some food, i thought KFC, but then didnt feel like it, my taste buds were tellin' me Nasi Goreng Pataya...ok good choice i thought! Wheres the best place to get Nasi Goreng Pataya..? aha Nasmir Mamak, so i drove there and to my astonishment they dont sell it during lunch! AAAArrrrggghhhhh!!! Ok la nevermind i'll just try Nasi Kandar...
    Mamak: Nasi putih or briyani...? (white or briyani rice? *flavored rice cooked with stock, vege, spices, etc*)
    Me: Briyani..Bungkus.....Ada ayam madu? (Briyani, to go...do you have honey chicken?)
    Mamak: *smile* shows me a drumstick....
    Me: Thumbs up....
    Mamak: apa kuah? (what gravy do you want?)
    Me: Pointing finger, kuah Madu *wah! luckly he didnt put a bit of every curry* (honey gravy)
    Me: Ada apa sayur? (what types of vege do you have?)
    Mamak: bagi you kubis dan nenas... (I'll give you cabbage & pineapple)
    Me: Thumbs up....*wah! can read my mind ah*
    Mamak: apa lagi? (what else?)
    Me: Kambing ? (mutton?)
    Mamak: *smile* packed my food, gave me a receipt
    Ok so pretty satisfied, i headed to the counter... it was 8 bucks! like what!! i mean ok la preety well, since i took briyani, chicken & mutton.... Now i experience it first hand, cause ive heard bout paying 10 or 12 bucks for nasi kandar, but never experienced it.....so now i kinda have.... lol!
    How was the food, you ask? was it worth it? well, chicken was nice, mutton was boneless with minimum fat (just the way i like it), but the briyani could have been better (it was kinda mild).....I still feel Ehsan Mamak in ampang has good briyani with ayam madu...
    And now for the DEJA VU part........a couple hours after having my food, i got that eerie feelin' in my tummy....oh no! could it be? it cant be happening!! darn got a gastric attack again!!! apparently i took too long to get food and i got the wrong stuff.... omg!
    i was trying to witstand the pain and discomfort for soo long, even took a nap (NO! not cause im a piggie!) to forget bout the pain, hoping it'd go away! i was wrong...
    about 6 pm i couldnt take it anymore, made myself a cereal drink..... luckly my mom was on the way back, she got me some gastric pills.....i chewed 3 in lightning speed!! Much better now but still feels kinda weird although it doesnt hurt...
    Im so affraid now cause its been years since my gastric days, and now it seems to be coming back to haunt me.....Im vowing to myself to eat more frequently and take care of my tummy.....

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    Saturday, June 11, 2005

    Euro Champions Again?

    Champions of Europe! Posted by Hello

    Liverpool have been given the chance to defend their Champions League crown after Uefa handed them a place in the first qualifying round for next season.
    The Reds beat AC Milan in last season's final but, because they finished out of the Premiership's top four, were not guaranteed entry in 2005-2006.
    Uefa's executive committee changed its rules on Friday to allow Liverpool in.

    UEFA executive commitee also decided that :
    • Liverpool get the smallest share of England's television money if they reach the group stages.
    • But any other English teams involved - from Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Everton - will still get less money than they would have done were Liverpool not involved.
    • Liverpool get no "country protection" preventing them meeting other English clubs. But they are seeded. This means they could face Everton in the third qualifying round, but not Manchester United, and could be in a group with Chelsea, but not Arsenal.
      In future, the title holders will be entered automatically.

    Rafael Benitez's men will now face a first qualifying round first leg on 12 or 13 July and a second leg on 19 or 20 July.

    All the best to the REDS, We'll always be by your side! "REDS 05/06 EPL & Champions League CHAMPS!!" *We dream big*

    Bad News : United's "Devil" boss, Ferguson is imagining pairing Michael Owen & wayne rooney *BOOOO!!* side by side. Owen has been strongly linked with a move back to the EPL despite a successful first season with Real Madrid. United would have to fork out at least $15 mil pounds to land Owen, which would then kick van nistelrooy's ass outta united! Muaahahhaha! *Owen look back to Livepool, man*

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    Friday, June 10, 2005

    Darn Dogs

    My white dog is turning grey! i ain't kidding.... lol!
    Since my poor beetle *sob* *sob* is grounded at the porch, my "smart" dogs have found a new hiding/hangout (more like sleeping) place under the car!
    theres black oil residue on the bottom part of the engine, cause i havent serviced the engine since i accquired the car....So my bloody dog gets black oil stains everytime he gets beneeth the car...How you ask? Remember classic VW's have rear engines that sit low to the ground....
    Cant he feel the greese sticking on him??? arrrgghhhh.....Im not even gonna bother to give him a bath....yet, maybe when i really have nothin to do :)
    You think he'll realise whats happenin, he'll learn a lesson? i doubt! luckly the other dog is black....
    Im even worried, affraid actually.....wonder if they're up to no good beneeth the car...they could be chewing on some hoses and cable...GOD! i dare not imagine....they better not be!!! *my dogs are "evil" they enjoy killin cats that tresspass our property*
    Why dont i just move the car? well i would if only the battery was still intact....My bro took it out to place it in my dads car cause apparently his battery died....So now i gotta get a battery back (im so anxious to get the car started, i miss even hearing the sound of it)
    but if i park my beetle in the garden it'll be baking under the "oh so lovely" Malaysian SUN, and if i park it under the shade at the back, i know the dogs will relocate with the car....
    Looks like the dogs win! but they better not be up to no good under my car!

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    Proton Savvy

    Proton Savvy - Rear Posted by Hello

    posted by paradoxx at 2:29 AM

    Proton Savvy - Front

    Today I took a walk with a friend to the Proton Edar showroom in Greentown. Wanted to experience first hand what the Savvy was all about...been following the developments of the T.R.M so i already kinda knew basically what to expect, but still needed to check it out in real...verdict time!
    I've to say the car is small, but perfect for peepz my size...the smalest car to date from Proton!
    -First thing to hit me was, WOW! the black is awesome, not just metallic but it had a sanddust kinda shimmer (blue,red,green)...i've always liked that paintjob...
    -The build quality on the exterior is pretty tough, but dont expect too much though, obviously much better than the wira's and iswara's. I have to check out the MyVi to compare it against.
    -The front is HOT, even from the side, looks like a hot hatch...but the rear is dissapointing, expected, but really sucks in real! Because of the stupid design on the rear hatch lid..like whats up with that?! couldnt they just have streamlined the design, it would have looked better!
    -Interior trim is OK, not spacious, comparable to Kelisa I think..sitting in the drivers seat i can touch the passengers window by just stretching out my arm!
    -Can notice the Gen-2 styling in the interior, i HATE that sterring wheel!! Meter panel looks preety nice, nice gear knob, soft seats....
    My vote has always been towards the MyVi, simply cause i've greater faith in perodua's quality, and the 1.3 dvvt in the MyVi is Hot, compared to the 1.2 lame ass stuff in the Savvy! besides the bodykits for the MyVi are awesome (TRD, WALD, etc)
    but I still have to check out the MyVi in person to compare both this cars....

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    Thursday, June 09, 2005

    Cute Dogs @ Pets World

    is that Paris Hilton's dog...NOT!! Posted by Hello

    The Chihuahua comes in two varieties: long and smooth coat. The Chihuahua is graceful, alert, and swift. This breed is clannish, recognizing and preferring his own kind. As a rule, he does not like dogs of other breeds. Legend and history are rich in tales of the ancestors of the present Chihuahua. He is described as a popular pet, as well as a religious necessity, among the ancient Toltec tribes and later among the Aztecs. Archaeologists have discovered remains of this breed in human graves in Mexico and in parts of the United States. The modern Chihuahua is quite different from his early ancestors, with his variegated colors ranging from snow white to jet black. Mexico favors the jet black with tan markings, and the black and white spotted. The United States prefers the solid colors.

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    awwwww!!! Posted by Hello

    Minature Schnauzer...
    The Schnauzer is of German origin, said to be recognizable in pictures of the 15th century. The Miniature Schnauzer is derived from the Standard Schnauzer and is said to have come from mixing of Affenpinschers and Poodles with small Standard Schnauzers. The breed was exhibited as a distinct breed as early as 1899. The Miniature Schnauzer was originally bred to be a small farm dog, able to go to ground for all kinds of vermin.

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    What a day!

    Saturday 04th June - Had to wake up early today, get ready for the apx 700 km journey (iph-KLia/KLia-Pg). Met my parents inlaws and we left iph bout 10 am...Me being a pig! fell a sleep half way...Woke up at tanjung malim where we stopped for breakfast...was surprising, the infrastructure at the rest area was pretty nice, and the washrooms were clean! So after a shot of teh tarik the pigieness in me sorta went away...hahahaa..Dwayne and I decided to watch a dvd, we watched "are we there yet?" for the rest of the journey...pretty farnee stuff, but the kids in the movie were sooooo killerble! pretty smooth journey all the way, unfortunate for the peepz heading north as the jam stretched many many many miles....
    We reached KLia before 1pm i guess...just in time cause Melissa had just arrived, we found our way to the arrival hall, and there she was! Couldnt see the gladness in her face at first at the sight of me, she was pretty dazed cause she left some stuff on board and was frantically trying to get it back....All turned out well thought cause she got back what she left and she noticed me.. :)
    We proceded to IKEA for some shopping and lunch...all i could care about was lunch! cause my tummy was alerting me by makin' weird sounds that it was empty! not farnee k....God! and the jam from One U was like hell, luckly we werent heading there, NOT as bad a jam at IKEA, but then had to wait for a table at the Restaurant..Finally got a space, got my roast beef, got my meatballs! Eat first, talk later!! hahahah.....
    After stuffing myself, Melissa, Dwayne, and I braved ourselfs to conquer the crowd at IKEA....after walkin, and walkin and walkin and browsing, and browsing, and browsing on the top floor only! Dwayne and I called it quits and decided to check out Ikano....SpongeBob was supposed to be there, we couldnt see anyone resembling spongebob at all...hahahhahaha... wait! we had nothin to do, not like we're fans or anything k! We went to Harvey Normans to check out some electronics..kinda dissapointing pretty small...Mac Shop...boring!....Then we discovered Pets Worlds or wateva its called...Still noticed alot of cruelty although the place looks nice...pitty all those dogs! i wish i could take them all home :(
    So we left KL about 7 pm....stopped in Sungai Buloh for some dinner..."tah pau"...i got a hotdog from a&w but how smart of them not to gimme tomato ketchup! WTF! who needs chillie sauce, every damn thing chillie sauce! so it was just the hot dog without any condiments....after a couple of pills for my flu, i knocked out...not because piggieness came back, the pills k! Melissa woke me up at iph cause i was snorring so badly they couldnt take it....but, but, " i didnt hear anything what!" says me....hahahahhaha...cant blame me...was breathing true my mouth....
    After iph, noticed that the "charge battery" warning light didnt wanna go out, but no one took it seriously.....3/4 the way to pg the battery was dying, all the lights were dimming...reached pg, but was basically driving without lights! we still had to cross the bridge.....A miracle i tell you! Our hopes we high, we made it right to the carpark and the auto box gave up!..Dwayne and i pushed the car into a bay that was right infront of us..thank GOD! :)
    Reached home...home sweet home....my tummy was acting weirdly, oh no! i know that feeling...GASTRIC!! after all that roast beef with black peppers and pepsi, on an empty tummy, it finally got to me :( had to munch down a couple of gastric pills this time..munch not swallow...yucks! what a day! what a day!

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    Saturday, June 04, 2005

    Siau ar wei...

    did anyone read/hear bout the pyscho police dude who shot 3 losers then shot himself...?
    and it all happened in the mamak where we used to usually hang out.....would have really been interestin witnessing the clowns in action while having ur greasy,fatty morning dose of roti canai & nasi lemak....but i suppose alot of folks would have freaked out...Folks must be having mamak phobia now...even worst news for the said mamak...passed by it today n it was closed or maybe just because of friday prayers.
    I dont really fancy goin to the said mamak cause every time i order "mee goreng-tak mau pedas" i end up with something thats still spicy....yayayya say what u want! laugh la! i dont like mamak style pedas k.... :p
    me: tak mau pedas!
    mamak: sikit pun tak mau?
    me: jackass! tak mau means tak mau la! arrrggghhh
    anyways, theres a new mamak in the same area now, and it kicks ass! wide variety of food, including thai n western...."nasi goreng pataya" yam yam... :) so thats the new lepak joint now la...

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    Sick me!

    Sooo many days never report dee...malas to log on ler....Anyways, its a new month, hope for better things to come this month...dont eva want a repeat of the last couple of months.....So far o.k lah! but i've caught the FLU.....bloody FLU! damn the contaminator......my nose is blocked, my nose is leakin like a broken tap :( i hate fallin' sick, i hardly fall sick but when i do....ahh yah cannot tahan la! Got my hair cut today, went with my younger brother sumore, kinda bonding la..supposed to goto his barber but was closed so headed to my regular barber,my hair didnt turn out the way i wanted it to be, so now back to PUNK (view pic) style again, not that i dont like it, had it for a long time before, then changed style, now back there again....my brothers hair turned out fine, althought he had to instruct the guy how to cut, shaver setting, etc etc.....
    Tomorrows a big day, sick or not sick i havta go down to K.L to pick up my other half from the airport then head back north to Penang...luckly thought i dont havta drive, hitching a ride with my parents inlaws...So it'd be fun tomorrow....Melissa doesnt know im gonna be there....hhhehehheheh surprise surprise!

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    Wednesday, June 01, 2005

    Sick Beetle :(

    Great! Devastating Actually! Why why why! something's wrong with my beetle's fuel system...im suspecting contaminated petrol....poor fragile car....the car idle's very weirdly and just dies off when i lift my foot of the acclerator.....so now its parked in the house, im back to using my kancil. It just doesnt feel the same *sob* *sob* Now i havta find a way to get it to the garage, no way im gonna allow anyone to tow it!!! so for the meantime just havta enjoy my kancil...

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