• Tuesday, May 31, 2005

    Drinkin On The Job

    drinkin on the job... Posted by Hello

    This aint where i wanted the pic to be! Anyways.... So im 20 something, jobless at the moment, bumming around (thought it'd be fun, but it aint always).....Involved with the food & beverage industry...was formerly managing an upscale restaurant, later a manager at the coffee bean & tea leaf....left a couple of months ago cause the ppl there are muthafuckas...y'all know who y'all are SOB's!!! but i did enjoy working there, the environment....the joker staffs...
    Im still plotting my revenge against the A-HOLES managing the company :) i aint goin no where, ill be haunting y'all soon!!

    First Blog Eva!

    Wow what can I say finally jumped on the bandwagon. Since I escaped a premature near career burnout, a couple of months ago, time has become my new best friend! After much contemplation I figured why not, lets start a blog. I always have something to rant about this and that and everything in between! Its time you earthlings start reading my 2 cents worth, it could all be the most fascinating stuff or the worst crap ever out there. But hey what do ya have to loose? It could help me reflect upon my life as well.